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How To: stay cosy and dry in your fleece

Many of us are having to spend more time at home right now, why not make the most of this opportunity to clean and proof your winter gear with Nikwax, so that you stay warm and dry and really enjoy the time you spend outdoors.

Fleeces are often an overlooked item when it comes to specialist aftercare. They are thrown in the wash with a normal load and whilst this is fine for day to day use, given a little extra care your fleece will perform even better, last longer and even protect you from the odd unexpected shower!

Fleece is a very popular mid-layer because of its insulating properties and because it is also highly breathable – helping to wick away moisture that has been directed outwards from your base layer.

If your fleece has not been cleaned or proofed in a while, you could find that you get soaked if you get caught in the rain. Fleece is moisture resistant but not fully waterproof – it can hold up to 50% of its own weight in water and if it is soaked, it won’t be keeping you warm.

Caring for your fleece with Nikwax will not only enhance its performance to ensure you stay warm, but, we have a specialist product that will make your fleece water repellent, so you can stay dry too!

Follow these easy steps to use Nikwax to revive the performance of your fleece.

Clean your gear the Nikwax way

Tech Wash® is proven to be the best way to clean outdoor gear. Unlike other detergents, it will not leave any water-attracting residue on fleece. Cleaning ensures all dirt and contaminants are eliminated and will prepare your fleece for proofing. You can even pop your waterproof in with it!

  • Pop your fleece in your washing machine (you can also wash by hand!)
  • Ensure there is no detergent build-up in your dispenser, as this could prevent effective washing
  • Use 150ml Tech Wash in medium/hard water areas, or 100ml in soft water areas
  • Wash your fleece according to its care label
  • No need to dry before you proof.

Proof with Nikwax for impressive high performance

PolarProof® is the only specialist waterproofer designed specifically for fleece. Just like Tech Wash, it is water-based and completely safe for the user and the environment – now that’s a good reason to have these products in your cupboard!

  • Once the cleaning cycle has finished (or once you have finished cleaning by hand) simply pop in 50ml of PolarProof for one fleece item, or, 100ml for 2-3 items

  • Set the cycle according to the care label
  • After proofing you can leave the garment(s) to dry naturally. Heat is not required (e.g. a tumble dryer) for the treatment to develop, so it will save you energy. However, you can use a tumble dryer on a low setting if the care label allows.

Your fleece is now protected with a water repellent treatment! Not only that, PolarProof will maintain breathability, so moisture can escape from the inside to prevent you feeling damp. Plus, PolarProof will actually help prevent pilling on the fabric – this means your go-to insulating gear will look as good as new and last you longer.

Now you are ready to step outdoors and stay nicely warm and dry…


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