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Ask The Expert: saving perfectly good waterproofs from landfill

A predicted 235 million items of Britons’ unwanted clothing allegedly ended up in landfill last spring according to research by Sainsburys.  The study also revealed the reasons people don’t donate or recycle clothing, with 49% stating their clothes were worn out or dirty.  How many of these were simply waterproofs that no longer provided protection from the rain?    

Working in the outdoor industry we are all aware that when `wetting out` occurs and water stops beading on the fabric’s surface, that customers will start to feel cold and clammy fairly quickly.  This is caused by soaked-in water blocking sweat-vapour from escaping, creating condensation and making them damp.  And it doesn’t matter what brand they’ve bought or what ground-breaking waterproof, breathable technology that brand uses either.  It’s simply because their kit needs reproofing so that it can continue to shed rain whilst retaining that all important breathability.   

And Nikwax is actually one of the safest ways to clean and reproof kit?  With its PFC-free, water-based composition and commitment to outdoor conservation it’s both safe to use and, by buying Nikwax, customers are doing their little bit to support the great outdoors that they love. 

We recommend that before recommending customers proof their garment, you check out that they have already tried a technical washing solution like Tech Wash.  This will stop dirt on the jacket becoming lodged on the fabric’s surface preventing waterproofing TX.Direct from working.   Traditional household detergents leave behind a residue that attracts water and can block pores preventing water repellency and breathability.  

Following cleaning and proofing, customers should maintain their newly revived gear, by washing it with Nikwax Tech Wash regularly to keep it in tip-top condition.



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