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Clean, waterproof and protect your tent and gear for the 2013 camping season

Cleaning your tent
Around this time of year one of our most frequently asked questions is: Should I regularly clean my tent and if so, what’s the best way to do it? The answer quite simply is yes, cleaning your tent will remove dirt and dust that could inhibit the tent’s waterproofing ability. The quickest, easiest and safest way to clean your tent is to put it up and sponge it down using a diluted solution of Nikwax Tech Wash.
How to clean your tent with Tech Wash:

  1. In a clean bucket, add three full capfuls (medium/hard water areas) or two capfuls (soft water areas) of Tech Wash to six litres of warm water.
  2. Sponge the solution over the tent to remove all dirt. Repeat if required.
  3. Hose or sponge down the tent with clean water to wash off all the cleaning solution.

Protecting and waterproofing your tent
After cleaning, or if your tent is brand new, use Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof to add Durable Water Repellency and to protect the fabric against UV degradation. The product is easy to apply and just one application could double the effective life of your tent!

How to protect your tent with Tent & Gear SolarProof: 

  1. Erect tent and rinse down with clean water
  2. Spray, sponge or brush Tent & Gear SolarProof evenly to the outside of the tent fabric.
  3. Wait for 2 minutes. Remove any surplus product with a damp cloth.
  4. Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed.
  5. Allow to air dry and ensure the tent is fully dried before packing away.

Check out our video from Nikwax’s Luis Brown on how to apply Tent & Gear SolarProof.Click Here

Did you know?
Tent & Gear SolarProof is ideal for waterproofing and protecting all synthetic weatherproof textiles, so alongside tents it can be used on awnings, marquees, rucksacks, panniers and camera bags.

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