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Do your customers have a problem with smelly sports gear? They need Nikwax!

There is a solution to the problem of nasty smelling synthetic active wear and here is the information your customers need to know…

Why do synthetic garments smell?
Compared to garments made out of natural fibres, such as wool or cotton, synthetic fabric is not as good at absorbing and dispersing the moisture created when people sweat. Instead, synthetic fabrics like to cling on to body oils – these are absorbed into the fibres and then odour-producing bacteria sticks to the oils, making the garments smell! The more the synthetic active wear is used, the more the smell will build up over time. It can get to the point where they can be reluctant to wear their gear and simply go out to buy new items!

They can easily save money and save their gear – and you are in the prime position of advising them how.

What should customers be aware of?

  • Firstly, they must STOP washing their synthetic gear with normal fabric conditioner.
  • Household detergent will clean away dirt, but it does NOT prevent odour build-up.
  • Fabric conditioner will mask smells with perfume, but the underlying bacteria and smell remains.
  • Combined, normal detergent and fabric conditioner do NOT allow moisture to spread and dry quickly.
  • Using household cleaners causes garments to underperform. Breathability is impaired, body temperature cannot regulate, and the smell returns when the garment is worn. This results in the person feeling damp and uncomfortable.

So what can they do to keep garments clean and fresh?

  • Replace standard fabric conditioner with BaseFresh® for next-to-skin synthetic clothing.
  • Garments can be cleaned with household detergent – to remove all dirt and stains – whilst the high performance technology of BaseFresh prevents the detergent from impairing fabric performance.
  • BaseFresh actively enhances the wicking performance of base layers, allowing sweat to spread and dry quickly.
  • Its safe water-based formula also deodorises the garment AND prevents odour build-up!
  • Garments that use BaseFresh, in place of normal fabric conditioner, will become more resistant to stains.
  • Using BaseFresh alongside normal detergent removes the need for a separate wash.

Just simply switching their conditioning product to BaseFresh, from the Nikwax Sweatproofing range, will ensure they can get active whilst feeling and smelling fresh. Users stay dry and comfortable, their garments will have enhanced performance AND last longer!

Great value for money, easy to use in a washing machine, plus, both user friendly and safe for the environment. Tell your customers the power of BaseFresh now!

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