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How To: advise your customers that BaseFresh® is the product they need for base layer care

Technical underwear and wicking next-to-skin clothing (base layers) are standard kit for people doing higher energy activities – from running to cycling, hiking to climbing. They are effectively a ‘second skin’ to help keep people comfortable whilst regulating body temperature. Perfect in winter to keep the user warm during colder outdoor conditions, but definitely a requirement in summer as well. During the warmer months, base layers help manage sweat efficiently in order to prevent the wearer getting damp, whilst creating a pocket of cool air to maintain comfort by keeping them cool.

Base layers should be cared for with the correct product to ensure the performance is maintained. Your customers need to know all about Nikwax® BaseFresh® – the must-have aftercare product to keep base layers in top condition.

How to let your customers know about the power of BaseFresh:

What is the potential problem with base layers? They can start to smell after use! This is due to the build-up of body oils and bacteria through wear.

What do people do when their garments smell? Wash them – normally using their standard household detergent and fabric conditioner. Also, if not cared for properly then the fabric will start to absorb moisture rather than wick it away, making the wearer feel damp and uncomfortable.

What’s wrong with this? The combination of household detergent and conditioner will impair the wicking properties of the base layer. Firstly, standard detergents will not prevent odours from building up in the fabric; so whilst it smells clean after a wash, the garment will quickly smell again when worn. Secondly, standard fabric conditioners leave water-attracting residues on the fabric: instead of base layers wicking away moisture, the fabric gets damp and will not dry, leaving the wearer clammy and uncomfortable.      

How can people get their base layers clean and working for them? By using BaseFresh within their laundry load.

How can you use BaseFresh with normal laundry? A key function of BaseFresh is that you can use it with standard household detergent. “But you said that detergents can impair base layers?” Yes they can, if used with normal fabric conditioner, but BaseFresh is different. The technical formulation in BaseFresh allows the detergent to clean away dirt and stubborn stains, but prevents it from compromising the garment’s functionality.

What about woollen base layers? Woollen base layers have similar functions as synthetic base layers, however, due to the natural structure of the fabric, a milder detergent is usually recommended that will not contain enzymes. Nikwax Wool Wash is the recommended cleaner and conditioner for merino woollen base layers. It is formulated specifically for the natural fibres of woollen base layers; it cleans & conditions at the same time, enhances wicking and breathability, deodorises and prevents odour build-up, and also will maintain the softness of the garment.

Here is what BaseFresh can do!

  • Deodorises the fabric, thoroughly removing odours, and guarantees continued freshness by preventing odour build-up.
  • Revives the wicking properties of the fabric, which ensures sweat can spread out and dry faster, keeping the base layer breathable and helping to regulate body temperature.
  • Makes base layers more resistant to stains and makes them easier to clean.

How to summarise BaseFresh in a few words: A deodorising conditioner that prevents odour build-up, accelerates drying and improves the cooling efficiency of base layers.

To put that even more simply? BaseFresh keeps you smelling fresh, feeling dry and comfortable when enjoying your chosen activity!

How to use BaseFresh:

  • If you have just a few base layers to clean, then add these to a normal laundry load in the washing machine and add 50ml of BaseFresh*.
  • Wash your items according to the care label.
  • Leave your garments to dry naturally – they do not need heat to activate BaseFresh, which helps save the customer money and energy wastage.

*If you have a large number of base layers to clean, then use Nikwax BaseWash® to both clean and condition – no need for additional detergent.

And, did you know…? BaseFresh won an OutDoor Award in 2017 and was deemed outstanding in Functionality, Sustainability and Price-Performance Ratio criteria.

If you want to see how effective BaseFresh is then check out this video from our lab HERE

And, if you want to learn more about our base layer care, to help impart knowledge to your customers, then watch our aftercare video HERE 


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