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How To: extend the life of woollen base layers

The weather is changing rapidly – wetter, windier and colder – and your customers need the right kit to layer up and protect themselves.

Even when the mercury really drops, high-energy activities, such as running or cycling, can lead to an increase in body temperature and moisture build-up from sweating. Base layers are the only way to stay dry and comfortable when active outdoors and, in these colder months, woollen base layers – such as Merino – are invaluable, especially as they are next-to-skin.

Woollen base layers can be quite costly, but for what they deliver, they are value for money and there is one easy way to ensure your customers’ kit stays effective over time – caring for them with Nikwax Wool Wash.

What is Wool Wash?

An effective, easy-to-use cleaner and conditioner that is proven to enhance the performance of woollen base layers / next-to-skin clothing.

Here is some key information you can use to promote Nikwax Wool Wash to your customer!

How does it benefit your customer?

  • Wool Wash is reliable – it will not impair the wicking properties of technical garments, which household detergents and fabric conditioners will do!
  • It is cost-effective! Wool Wash will extend the lifetime of garments and is value for money.
  • It enhances wicking; sweat spreads easily, dries faster and regulates that all-important body temperature when active.
  • Wool Wash maintains the natural properties of wool. It ensures that the softness of this natural fibre is preserved, providing comfort and warmth.
  • The deodorising capabilities of Wool Wash remove smell from the garments and prevents future odour build-up – guaranteed freshness for longer!
  • Wool Wash extends the wear period in-between washes.
  • It is safe for the environment and the user: no nasty PFCs or hazardous chemicals.

How does the customer use Wool Wash?

Well, this is simple – in the washing machine! Here is our easy guide.

  • If a garment has some stubborn stains, then you can use neat Wool Wash to treat such stains before washing!
  • Shake well before use.
  • Place garments in the washing machine. Do not use fabric conditioner!
  • Use 50ml of Wool Wash and wash according to the garment care label.

If a garment should be washed by hand, then this is easy too!

  • Immerse garments in hand-hot water.
  • Add 25ml of Wool Wash and agitate.
  • Rinse items three times in clear water.

Once items are washed, just leave them to dry naturally. If the garment allows then you can use a tumble drier.

Once dry, the woollen item is ready for use. The wearer can get outdoors – feel comfortable, stay dry, smell fresh and just enjoy their chosen activity, knowing they can rely on their kit to work for them!

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