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ISPO News: We previewed the Nikwax Sweatproofing range of products

More Than Waterproofing – A family of expertly designed cleaners and conditioners that prevent odours, boost people’s comfort and performance, that are kind on the environment

Nikwax innovation – finds new ways to use water to control the moisture made by our own skin

Nikwax has spent more than 40 years’ inventing ways to protect us all from the elements, so we can enjoy more of the outdoors with clothing and gear that keeps on performing.

Using their expertise, they’ve now turned their attention to developing an entire range of Sweatproofing products specifically designed to care for all next-to-skin technical clothing and footwear which need specialist care to keep them working at their best.

Next-to-skin clothing works brilliantly to control sweat and regulate body temperature, however, household detergents and conditioners can leave behind residues on the fabric that impair their ability to evaporate sweat. This causes them to retain moisture. Added to this, body oils and bacteria can build up over time, so they start to smell. Regular household detergents mask the smell rather than removing it, so as soon as you start to use your base layers again, the smell returns very quickly.

Nikwax Sweatproofing range cleans and conditions all next-to-skin clothing and footwear, with no loss of performance

Nikwax’s Sweatproofing range of wash-in cleaners, BaseWash™ and Wool Wash™, gently clean, remove embedded odours and prevent the build-up of odour-causing bacteria. BaseWash and Wool Wash also accelerate the ability of the fabric to dry, to help regulate body temperature when sweating.

Nikwax award winning1 wash-in conditioner BaseFresh™ can be used in place of standard fabric softener in a washing machine. BaseFresh deodorises and improves wicking, keeping base layers smelling fresher for longer.

Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash™ is great for cleaning and freshening all non-waterproof footwear – from sandals and sports shoes, to insoles and footbeds.

More Than Waterproofing – Nikwax continues its commitment to a business approach that conserves the natural world

Nikwax’s Sweatproofing range is designed with the same environmentally conscious approach as the rest of their aftercare products. They are all water-based and contain no harmful aerosols.

Nikwax is proud to be the only Outdoor company to have balanced their entire operational carbon emissions since their start 40 years ago, protecting tropical forest through EOCA and World Land Trust. The forest they continue to restore sucks the CO2 they emit back into the atmosphere.

1Nikwax BaseFresh™ received an Outdoor Award in 2017 for Sustainable Innovation.

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