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Keep your base layers performing with Nikwax BaseFresh

During the summer months we all love to get outside and enjoy activities such as cycling, running and walking. How many of us find though that our trusty sports kit and base layers that we wear to keep cool and comfortable are noticeably smellier – even shortly after washing!

Base layers, sportswear and gym gear are designed to be worn next to the skin – the fabric is breathable, which allows moisture to spread out over a large area and therefore will dry quickly, whilst your body temperature is maintained and you can partake in your chosen activity with ultimate user comfort.

However, when you wash these items with your regular household detergent and fabric conditioner you are unintentionally impairing their performance. Normal household products leave behind ‘water-hating’ (hydrophobic) residues, meaning sweat is unable to spread out and dry, and the wearer is left feeling damp and uncomfortable. Bacteria then builds up in the fabric, causing odours so your kit gets really smelly, really quickly! Fabric conditioners simply mask the stink – not actually expelling it from the items!


If you want your sportswear and base layers to perform at their best then use Nikwax BaseFresh.

How does BaseFresh work?

Quite simply, BaseFresh is used in place of your standard fabric conditioner. This means you continue to use your normal household detergent – the specialist formula in BaseFresh prevents the detergent from compromising the functionality of your kit.

Nikwax BaseFresh:

  • Refreshes base layers by removing stinky odours.
  • Maintains freshness by preventing odour build-up when in use.
  • Revitalises the wicking properties of the fabric, allowing moisture to spread and dry quickly, maintaining the breathability of the garment.
  • Makes the garments more stain-resistant.
  • Removes the need for a separate wash as the formula works with normal household detergent and can be used on all your laundry.
  • Is safe to use – is water-based and non-hazardous.

To use, add the regular amount of detergent to the detergent drawer and 50ml of BaseFresh to the fabric conditioner drawer. Wash as per the care label and leave the garment to dry naturally (tumble dry on a low setting, if required and the care label allows).

Try it – you will be impressed with the results!


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