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Make your fleece work harder!

In February, Nikwax launched new Polar Proof. Easy and safe to use in the washing machine, it will make any fleece water repellent and maintain breathability, keeping you warm and dry in wet weather, as well as extending the life of your fleece.

When wet, fleeces absorb water and become heavy. A fleece treated with Polar Proof will be 50% lighter than an untreated wet fleece. Wet fleeces can lose up to 90% of their insulation making the wearer feel cold very quickly, unless they have used Polar Proof.

Speaking from the launch, Nikwax founder Nick Brown said, “This is an exciting development for Nikwax. Every household has at least one fleece. Our new product will ensure that all those fleeces perform better.”

Nikwax are aftercare market leaders, and have never used fluorocarbons (PFCs) or aerosols, meaning that you need not worry about using harmful chemicals at home.

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