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New Video! Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash

Keep summer sandals and sport shoes clean and smelling fresh!

Non-waterproof footwear, such as sandals or sports trainers, will inevitably get a build-up of body oils and sweat through use, especially during hot summer months. This will lead to the footwear smelling, feeling clammy (especially if worn with no socks) and, could lead to the material starting to rot as the bacteria eats away at the footwear.

Nikwax Sweatproofing has the answer to keep footwear smelling great and in peak condition!

Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash is the safe and easy-to-use deodorising cleaner for non-waterproof footwear. Applied by hand, you use it on all the outer material to remove dirt, as well as inside the footwear on both insoles and footbeds!

It will remove all body oils and reduce the growth of odour-causing bacteria, freshening the footwear and increasing its usable lifetime.

We have three different versions of our NEW video for Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash, so you can pick the length you would like and share it now with your customers via social media! Show them how easy it is to freshen footwear this summer.

Here are the download links…

Short: click HERE

Medium: click HERE

Long: click HERE

And here is the medium version for you to check out now!



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