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Nikwax Directional Textiles® are designed for years and years of adventures


Did you know Nikwax Directional Textiles are engineered not to become obsolete? 

In a circular economy there is no waste, there are only materials, and our fabrics are designed to last longer and work harder than any other outdoor fabrics – particularly when cared for with Nikwax aftercare products. They can also be repaired, re-used and, at the end of their usable life, fully recycled.

Designed to last
The unique Nikwax Analogy® fabric system – invented by our founder Nick Brown in 1986 and used in Páramo® garments – provides breathable and durable, directional waterproof performance. This keeps the weather out, without the need for laminates, membranes, or taped seams, all of which can break down over time.

Its waterproofness is not compromised by puncture (you could stick pins all over the fabric, take them out and it will still keep the rain out) and many Nikwax Analogy jackets are still performing after over fifteen years of use.

Furthermore, the fabric’s waterproofing is renewable indefinitely with safe, water-based Nikwax aftercare products, which enhance performance and comfort, and extend the usable life of outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories. By helping our customers gear to last longer, we are keeping things in the loop and thereby, reducing waste.

Easily repaired and re-used
We want to extend the life of garments made from Nikwax Analogy fabric for as long as possible and designing it to be easily repairable was a key requirement long before “circularity” was part of the public discussion. However, whilst our fabric is extremely durable, damage can – and does – still occur.

Páramo has been using Nikwax Analogy fabric in its garments for almost 30 years and if an old or damaged Analogy piece can be repaired at a reasonable cost, Páramo’s expert workshop will set to work on it. Repaired and refurbished items then make their way back to their appreciative owners who can continue using their garment for many more years to come or, since 2009, to new owners via one of Páramo’s eBay stores for a brand new round of adventures.

Easily recycled
By avoiding the need for mixed materials (laminates, membranes, or taped seams) Nikwax Analogy fabric is uniquely suited for recycling. It uses 100% polyester, which, unlike most other materials, can be broken back down to its basic building blocks and reformed into new fibres.

Any Páramo garment made from Nikwax Analogy fabric that is beyond economic repair is collected, bailed and shipped to a recycling facility that specialises in a chemical recycling process that preserves the value and quality of the polyester – one of just a few around the world. The technology used allows polyester fibres to be made from polyester fibres, rather than virgin polyester chip, allowing horizontal recycling from clothing to clothing. Our Nikwax Analogy fabric, without any harmful coatings, make this process available as a route to a responsible end of life.

The most sustainable gear is the gear you already own and individuals who choose Nikwax Analogy garments are buying in to a truly circular product made from superior fabric technology that is renowned for long-term performance, durability and renewability.

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