The only conditioner designed to deodorise and enhance the wicking and drying performance of technical base layers. Easy to use in the washing machine with your regular detergent.

For conditioning base layers
  • Deodorising conditioner for base layers and next-to-skin clothing.
  • Deodorises, makes fabrics dry faster and can be used in a mixed wash.
  • Revives the performance of your gear, keeping you fresher and more comfortable.
  • Recommended for all synthetic and woollen sportswear.

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Deodorizing laundry booster for fitness apparel and next-to-skin clothing

BaseFresh effectively deodorizes, inhibits the build up of body odors, accelerates drying and improves cooling efficiency of all active clothing.

Why technical base layer fabrics dry quickly and cool you down...

Activewear and sport clothes are designed to be worn next to the skin, providing user comfort by maintaining body temperature and controlling moisture. The fabrics used are highly wicking (they will spread moisture out over a large area), fast drying and breathable. It is therefore essential to maintain these properties when caring for them.

Activewear need to be cared for properly to keep it in top condition…

To keep sports clothing functioning properly, care must be taken when washing. Using conventional household detergents or fabric softeners can impair wicking properties by causing the fabric to retain moisture. This leads to reduced wicking capabilities and slow drying of the fabric. Over time a build up of bacteria and body oils, especially in synthetic fabrics, can lead to them smelling. If using conventional detergents or fabric softeners, odors will not be adequately removed. Instead, they are masked by perfumes which fail quickly, leaving you with smelly base layers!

Wash your base layers when they start to smell...

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Use Nikwax BaseFresh in the washing machine…


Shake well before use. Follow care label instructions. Do not use on waterproof clothing.

  1. Place item(s) in washing machine (with normal laundry load).
  2. Use usual amount of regular detergent.
  3. Add 50ml of BaseFresh to fabric conditioner drawer.
  4. Wash according to care label.
Leave your garments to dry naturally…

Drying: Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting if care label allows.