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Stay Active for Your Wellbeing!

Worried you may be becoming more sedentary because of the greater amount of time spent at home? Feeling more lethargic than usual? Perhaps you are struggling with your mood some of the time? Well, it is crucial to try and stay as active as you can right now – the benefits outweigh anything else! Do remember, that if you go outdoors to be active then please do this safely – be mindful of social distancing and the government advice around daily exercise.

Active wellbeing

Dress for being active!
If you don’t currently have means to get active outside, the first place to start indoors is getting some active sports clothing on. If you are dressed as you normally would for the gym, running, or your yoga class, you are more likely to feel inspired to be active in the house than if you stay in your pyjamas!

But, whether active indoors or outdoors, wearing appropriate clothing means you will stay fresher once you start to get hot – sports clothing is designed to wick moisture away from the body. You don’t want to feel clammy and smelly! If you have not done so yet, then prepare your synthetic sportswear with Nikwax BaseFresh®. It is a powerful deodorising conditioner that you use in your washing machine (in place of regular fabric conditioner) alongside your normal detergent. It prevents the build-up of nasty bacteria on fabrics, deodorising the fabric and keeps you feeling fresh, whilst also enhancing the wicking properties.

Keep up those steps
Don’t just sit on your sofa watching the telly, get your kit on and start those steps, whether you like to walk or run. We have already been letting people know how to ‘Hike at Home’ – so if you have a good set of stairs in your home, utilise these if you are unable to get outdoors. Perfect to burn calories, strengthen muscles and get your heart rate up!

Did you know, if you managed 5,736 steps up and down your stairs, or even walking around your lounge or garden, that is the equivalent of climbing to the peak of Ben Nevis!

The benefits of walking and running are super powerful and something that will aid everyone at this point in time! Here are a few little facts for you…

  • Regular walking will really help the area of your brain that is associated with memory. If you manage 50-60 mins at least 3 times a week, you are keeping your brain focussed and will have better concentration.
  • Walking lowers the risk of health issues, such as diabetes – try and aim for at least 3,500-5,000 steps a day (if not more!).
  • One walk a day, walking briskly, will help reduce the risk of obesity in half. A lot of us are eating more due to being stuck at home, so it’s great to know you can burn those extra calories back off again!
  • Walking boosts your mood. Whether walking a route around your garden, doing your stair challenge, or being able to access a safe location outdoors, this regular movement is known to actively reduce any symptoms of depression. Your mental health will thank you for staying active!
  • Just 30 minutes of running will boost the quality of sleep you get. You can have a well-rested night and wake up the next day energised and ready to go again.
  • Running also has the power of continuing to burn calories even when you have stopped. That ‘after burn’ just continues the goodness you have already brought to yourself by going out, or staying in, for a run.
  • Wonder why people get addicted to running? The brain releases feel-good chemicals, so afterwards you feel happier and satisfied and on a bit of a high due to the natural release of endorphins and endocannabinoids.
  • Combine your walk or run with some meditation and you will have the ultimate in stress relief. Very important at this time of upheaval in our lives.

Keep comfortable
Whatever you do, to make the most of your activity at home or outdoors, you want to feel comfortable, otherwise you will not make the most of the benefits exercise gives you and won’t have as much enjoyment.

Keep your gear in good condition and we can assure you that you can Keep Active, Keep Healthy and Stay Fresh even whilst in lockdown.

Get those sports shoes cleaned. There is nothing worse than stinky footwear. Nikwax Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash cleans all non-waterproof footwear; it removes bad odour-causing bacteria, reduces shoe fabric from rotting due to the build-up of contaminants, deodorises the insole and foot bed, and helps moisture to escape to the outside.

Base Wash is perfect to both clean and condition your synthetic sports gear. Easy to use in a washing machine, it removes all dirt, deodorises the fabric and keeps you comfortable when wearing your next-to-skin clothing.

Lastly, Wool Wash. This effective cleaner is designed specifically for delicate woollen gear, e.g. Merino base layers; it enhances wicking and breathability, keeping the garment soft and banishing odour build-up. You can use it to wash your wool jumpers and other delicate items too.

Nikwax is here for you! Our products are quick and easy to use (either in a washing machine, or by hand), they are water-based, so no harmful chemicals to affect you or the environment, and, most importantly – they do the job they are made for – keeping you feeling dry, fresh and comfortable whilst staying active!

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ISPO News: We previewed the Nikwax Sweatproofing range of products

More Than Waterproofing – A family of expertly designed cleaners and conditioners that prevent odours, boost people’s comfort and performance, that are kind on the environment

Nikwax innovation – finds new ways to use water to control the moisture made by our own skin

Nikwax has spent more than 40 years’ inventing ways to protect us all from the elements, so we can enjoy more of the outdoors with clothing and gear that keeps on performing.

Using their expertise, they’ve now turned their attention to developing an entire range of Sweatproofing products specifically designed to care for all next-to-skin technical clothing and footwear which need specialist care to keep them working at their best.

Next-to-skin clothing works brilliantly to control sweat and regulate body temperature, however, household detergents and conditioners can leave behind residues on the fabric that impair their ability to evaporate sweat. This causes them to retain moisture. Added to this, body oils and bacteria can build up over time, so they start to smell. Regular household detergents mask the smell rather than removing it, so as soon as you start to use your base layers again, the smell returns very quickly.

Nikwax Sweatproofing range cleans and conditions all next-to-skin clothing and footwear, with no loss of performance

Nikwax’s Sweatproofing range of wash-in cleaners, BaseWash™ and Wool Wash™, gently clean, remove embedded odours and prevent the build-up of odour-causing bacteria. BaseWash and Wool Wash also accelerate the ability of the fabric to dry, to help regulate body temperature when sweating.

Nikwax award winning1 wash-in conditioner BaseFresh™ can be used in place of standard fabric softener in a washing machine. BaseFresh deodorises and improves wicking, keeping base layers smelling fresher for longer.

Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash™ is great for cleaning and freshening all non-waterproof footwear – from sandals and sports shoes, to insoles and footbeds.

More Than Waterproofing – Nikwax continues its commitment to a business approach that conserves the natural world

Nikwax’s Sweatproofing range is designed with the same environmentally conscious approach as the rest of their aftercare products. They are all water-based and contain no harmful aerosols.

Nikwax is proud to be the only Outdoor company to have balanced their entire operational carbon emissions since their start 40 years ago, protecting tropical forest through EOCA and World Land Trust. The forest they continue to restore sucks the CO2 they emit back into the atmosphere.

1Nikwax BaseFresh™ received an Outdoor Award in 2017 for Sustainable Innovation.

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The importance of layering when active outdoors

Winter can be a fantastic time to be outdoors – especially if we are lucky enough to get snow! You want to ensure you keep warm, but you don’t want to overheat or be too cold, so layering up your clothing is the most beneficial way to stay comfortable. Every layer will play a key role that allows you to maximise your activity, however, all of your layers need to be looked after. Nikwax has the ultimate aftercare solutions to keep your base layers performing over and over when you need them most.

Layering up means you can quickly adapt your clothing in order to regulate your temperature and maintain ultimate comfort and ease of use, depending upon the weather and your activity.


Next-to-skin base layers
These technical items are essential in order to manage sweat and prevent you from feeling cold or clammy. During winter, merino wool base layers are often a favourite because of their natural insulation, which distributes heat evenly across the body. Also, the natural fibres can assist with the prevention of odour build-up. Synthetic base layers are another firm favourite because of the fabrics ability to wick away moisture from the skin, preventing the user from feeling sweaty. However, synthetic base layers can collect bacteria and body oils, which will lead to them smelling after a short period of time.

These base layers will be affected if washed in standard household detergent and fabric conditioner, which can reduce the wicking capabilities and breathability. By using the appropriate Nikwax product, your base layers will keep working through every season. For merino base layers, Wool Wash will clean and condition, whilst softening the garment for user comfort. Containing no enzymes, Wool Wash revitalises wicking properties, without damaging the natural fibres. For synthetic base layers, BaseWash also both cleans and conditions the garment, whilst deodorising the fabric to remove body oils and prevent odour build-up.


The middle layer
This is the focus for insulation! During winter, fleece mid-layers are great for providing soft, warming insulation when out in the cold. Fleece tends to come in three different weights in order to suit different activities. For example, lightweight fleeces would be best for warmer climates or aerobic activities such as running. The main principle with fleece garments is that the fabric traps air between the fibres to provide warmth evenly over the body whilst being breathable. However, fleece is not naturally water repellent, so if it gets wet you run the risk of the fabric absorbing the water – making the garment heavy and making you very cold!

Nikwax Polar Proof is the product to use to ensure your fleece mid layers perform to their optimum when outdoors. An easy to use waterproofing product that you can use in your washing machine, Polar Proof will add a water repellent treatment to all of the fleece fibres to prevent water absorption. It also ensures that the breathability of the fabric and its insulation properties are maintained, whilst preventing the build-up of pilling (bobbling) so your mid layers last for longer.


The outer layer
The item to protect you ultimately from wind, rain and all other inclement weather! There are many options available here for you to choose from – dependent upon what your activity focus tends to be. Windproof or waterproof, or jackets aimed at ski and mountaineering – there are many possibilities. You need to consider what will benefit you most when outdoors. If your outer layer lets the rain or the cold wind in, then you will start to feel damp and uncomfortable inside. You want an outer layer that allows room over your mid and base layers, whilst providing the protection against the weather. Some outer layers have added insulation, such as fleece, but this would not be suitable for higher energy activities such as cycling, instead a lighter soft shell would be more preferable as it focuses upon breathability to prevent you getting clammy from sweat. If you are walking through the hills on a crisp and snowy winter’s day, then a water resistant and windproof outer layer would be ideal in order to combat the elements.

All outer layers need specific care because dirt will build up from use and combined with the abrasion on the fabric from general wear, it will lead to the durable water repellent (DWR) coating wearing off. This is when water will get absorbed into the jacket and up to 70% of the item’s breathability will be lost, meaning you feel wet and cold. Wet weather outer layers can be protected with Nikwax TX.Direct – the no.1 wash-in waterproofer, which will replenish the DWR on the outer fabric, whilst optimising the breathability of the fabric. When caught out in the rain you will find the water will bead up on your jacket and run off, instead of ‘wetting out’ and seeping into the garment.

Ultimately, if you care for your garments with Nikwax you can ensure that your layering system will work this winter, whether enjoying the mountains, cycle routes, rambles, or any other outdoor activity. Nikwax aftercare will make your garments work better for longer and you stay dry, warm and comfortable.

Check out our base layer care video HERE

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