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Have a magical night’s camping in your garden this summer!

Why not take this opportunity to holiday from home and create a magical camping experience in your very own garden! You can stay safe but have fun at the same time…

Spending the night in your trusty tent will definitely feel like you are escaping the confines of your house. It can be a fun-filled adventure, with the bonus that you still have home comforts only a few steps away if needed. Best of both worlds…

Check and clean your equipment
First, take out your tent and check it over for wear and tear, as well as checking you have all the equipment to hand to put it up. Now is the best time to give your tent a clean with Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash® to remove any dirt that has collected on it which could damage the water repellency; plus, if the warm weather continues, you will protect it from harmful UV rays! If you have not used your tent in quite some time and know it has not been treated for a lot longer, then follow up with Tent & Gear SolarProof® – the instant water repellent treatment for synthetic tents, to ensure that, should you end up camping out in rain, you won’t get wet… If you have a canvas tent, then you need to use Cotton Proof to keep it water repellent!

Camping in your garden means you can truly embellish your experience because you don’t have the problem of having to try and fit all your equipment and gear in the car. So now is a great time to go all out and make it magical!

Turn your humble tent and garden into a glamping abode!
Take this as an opportunity to indulge…you don’t have to scrimp on bedding or comfort when you only have to carry everything out of your house to the garden!

Plush cushions strewn around will give you snuggly seats for when you are chilling inside – but could also help should the airbed start to deflate during the night (which we all know can happen!!).

Use warming throws as added luxury – they are perfect to snuggle into if you sit outside staring at the night sky, as well as adding additional warmth when you go to sleep.

Get the children to help string solar or waterproof battery-powered fairy lights around your tent. Apart from the practicality of helping you see your way in and out, it will look magical after the sun sets and feel like a little wonderland in your garden.

Placing lanterns around your garden will give additional soft lighting, or, for the kids, provide them with some glow stick bracelets they can wear.

Stake out, in safe places, citronella candles to ensure you keep any little biting insects at bay – you want this to be a memorable night for the right reasons after all.

Other tips for a happy outdoor camping experience
Eating outside is a must if you can – it’s what you would do if you could go away after all. A little portable bbq would be easy to set up and cook from, or, if you have a little firepit then you could cook hearty baked potatoes. Follow this by treating adults and kids to toasted marshmallows they can dip into tasty hot chocolate…

Outdoor games are a must! Create a mini nature hunt for the children, or get some lawn games and play things like Hoopla or giant Jenga to while away some time.

Download a night sky app on to your phone – there are many available. Take this time to learn the night sky, appreciate the millions of stars above our heads and keep your eyes peeled for meteors (time of year dependent) and the new Starlink satellites passing overhead.

As the night draws to a close, you can sit round telling campfire stories, or wind down with some soft music (just be sure to respect your neighbours!). Listen out for night wildlife around you – can you hear any owls or foxes out on their nightly jaunts? Relax and enjoy the quiet peace that night time brings, before settling snugly inside for a good sleep, home from home. Staycations really can be fun…