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Walk your way to better health

You probably won’t have failed to notice that Britain is facing an uphill battle against obesity. It seems that whenever you turn on the news, another shocking survey is being reported on, and this is with good reason.

The United Kingdom now ranks 24th in the World Obesity Tables, and Walk Magazine recently reported that a quarter of the country (24.9%) is now obese. What the government described as an “inactivity crisis” now accounts for over 37,000 deaths a year in this country.

Why has this happened? Well, it is hard to pin point a single factor, but the convenience of jumping into the car over walking to work or the shops has certainly contributed. The growing rush to spend every minute working has ensured that a 10 minute drive has replaced a 30 minute walk on the list of chosen transportation.

Similarly, our free time is now dominated by our iPad, laptop and Xbox screens, rather than bike riding, rock climbing or a game of 5-a-side football.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Just a short walk a few times a week will help improve physical fitness. In fact, one Doctor in Wigan has started prescribing walking to his patients in an effort to ensure their blood pressure returns to a safe level.

And while Nikwax might not have the clout of a GP, we always try to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle as much as possible. So, make the most of the beautiful British outdoors and go for a walk, hop on your bike or find a trail to run!