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Nikwax Ultimate Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

It’s the time for giving! There is still time to ensure you get your friends and loved ones the best presents they could want this Christmas. If you know somebody who just lives for the outdoors, then we have a fantastic array of ideas to inspire you and make them smile when they unwrap their gift by the Christmas tree this year.

Why not start with a stocking filler that will please all outdoor lovers – a Nikwax aftercare bundle to see them through the season! You could pick and mix those products that will ensure they stay dry, warm and comfortable no matter their chosen outdoor activity. Check out our product range HERE

Some of the top outdoor gifts for 2017!

Primus Kamoto Open Firepit

Primus Kamoto Open Firepit – £130. Winter makes us think of keeping warm by the fire on cold, frosty days and this portable firepit will bring you exactly that! Suitable for wood or coal, it folds up and can be easily carried, so opportunities for safe campfires outdoors are endless. Also comes with stainless steel cooking grate.

Hydro Flask 16oz Coffee Flip Cup

Hydro Flask 16oz Coffee Flip Cup – £22. Available in four different colours, this coffee flask uses TempShield insulation to ensure your drinks stay either hot for up to 6 hours, or cold for up to 23 hours. The Hydro Flip lid makes it easy to enjoy drinks whilst on the go, plus you can use this flask to replace a paper cup when collecting a take-out coffee and this will help reduce waste. 

Aquapac TrailProof iPad Case

Aquapac TrailProof iPad Case – £24.99. We cannot live without our technology nowadays and we don’t want to run the risk of getting items damaged by water. Aquapac’s trusty TrailProof case solves the problem! Fitting iPads and other tablet brands, the 100% waterproof case allows you to use your touchscreen normally, whether you are sat out in the rain or even in a pool. It protects against immersion for 30 minutes, to a depth of less than 1m.

Barryvox S Avalanche Transceiver

Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Transceiver – £330.  Perfect for the person who loves spending winter season in snow-covered landscapes skiing, mountaineering or touring, the Barryvox S is an advancement within avalanche transceivers. The natural world is not without its dangers and this device is easy to use to help locate people or equipment buried under snow. Has a search width of 70 metres and is user-friendly for both novices and professionals. 

Buff Neckwarmer Polar

Buff Neckwarmer Polar – from £15.50. Perfect to keep people warm during any outdoor activity, the Buff Neckwarmer Polar is made with Polartec fleece, providing softness and comfort, particularly in winter. Utilising Buff’s quality and technology, it is available in a range of stylish colours and designs, is machine washable and non-iron.

AKU La Val Low Plus Multiterrain Shoes

AKU La Val Low Plus Multiterrain Shoes – £149.95. Made in Italy, with a lining of Zero Impact full grain leather and external nubuck, these are designed for a range of different terrains whilst maintaining user comfort throughout. Constructed with AKU ELICA technology, with a tread inspired by mountain bike tires, the user will have grip, comfort and support from these walking shoes. 

Hilly Marathon Fresh Socks

Hilly Marathon Fresh Socks – £12. What is Christmas without giving or receiving socks? But these are no ordinary socks! Designed specifically for runners, the Hilly Marathon Fresh socks contain a Polygiene odour control treatment – a great way to keep smelly feet at bay whilst being active. Anatomical cushioning is placed in pressure zones to provide extra user comfort, with ventilation panels to help breathability.

Elliott Brown Limited Edition Broadstone Clipper Race Watch

Elliott Brown Limited Edition Broadstone Clipper Race Watch – £495. Watches designed specifically for use in extreme outdoor activities, such as ocean crossings or mountain rescues, the Broadstone Clipper Race UTC model is a limited edition – with just 1,000 pieces available. Using shock and waterproof systems, the Broadstone features a red-tipped UTC (universal time coordinated – the time standard used by race crews when navigating the globe) hand to tell time in a second time zone. 

BOGS Women’s Auburn Rubber Rain Boots

BOGS Women’s Auburn Rubber Rain Boots – £120. Wear these freely around the city or in the countryside, these are the ultimate Chelsea boots. 100% waterproof, they have Rebound cushioning and slip-resistant grips for comfort, durability and safety. Feet are even kept fresh from the DuraFresh bio-technology which will help battle odour.

Leki Micro Trail Pro

Leki Micro Trail Pro – £134.95 a pair. If you know someone who loves trail running (the sport of running and hiking on trails in mountainous terrain) then these poles are perfect for them. Made of 100% carbon, the poles are incredibly lightweight and can be folded, making them easy to transport. The Leki Trigger Shark grip and strap provide easy handling to help power over the terrain in comfort. 





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Poles Apart From The Competition

This month we are excited to feature an exclusive interview with members of the GB Ski Team.

Nick Moynihan and Laurie Taylor are a lesson in starting your kids young. And not underestimating the impact of a skiing holiday! Laurie was only six, and Nick just two when their families took them abroad to see the wonder of the mountains. Now in their early twenties, they are successful members of the British Ski Team and future Olympic hopefuls.  

So take us back to the beginning, Nick, how did you get the skiing bug?
“That is a funny story. Basically my family went out to the French Alps on holiday when I was very young and my brother turned round to my dad and said ‘why do we have to go home’? And dad didn’t really have a comeback for it, so we stayed out there for the next eight years!

From then on I caught the ski bug and have never let go of it since. Even going back to school in the UK I still went back and forth to try and maintain a certain level to be able to be competitive with the rest of the world. It’s been a fun journey.”

Laurie Taylor GS 4(c)Delancey_Team BSS_Vanessa Fry_1

Laurie, was it the same for you? And how did you improve from thereon?
“That was a family holiday as well, to Chamonix. Then I went through the dry slope route – so racing at Aldershot Dry Slope. And then I found the British Ski Academy, they run a few camps on dry ski slopes, I was with them for about ten years and am now with the British Ski Team.”

What is it about skiing, Nick that’s kept you going, what do you enjoy?
“It’s all I have ever known, I have enjoyed it ever since I started and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I think if we go into the details, I really enjoy the speed. I love being competitive – whether it’s skiing or anything else, I always want to try and be number one.

I enjoy the competitive element, going out into the mountains and going fast – it’s just a combination that I really enjoy.”

You are both sponsored by LEKI. Laurie, what does that mean for you?
“It makes a huge difference with different equipment. With LEKI the poles are lighter and more durable, so they don’t snap as much. Before, I found I was always snapping poles and now I have not actually snapped any LEKI poles since.  I really like the equipment and it’s good to have consistency.”

Nick, how has it helped you, to be supported by a brand like LEKI?
“Leki have been focused on winter sports for a long time. The British Ski Team and Leki started to work quite closely recently and feed back to each other. This has hopefully helped them to constantly produce a better product.

We know that we are on the best equipment you can get and that’s really important when you have a sport that comes down to hundredths of a second. So we are super happy with LEKI and they always provide us with the best materials you can get on the market.”



Image: Laurie Taylor and Nick Moynihan with Simon Robinson from Ardblair Sports – suppliers of LEKI poles for the British Ski Team – and Paul Telling from alpine training company, Team Evolution

Tell us about the future, Nick, what’s in store for you?
“Together with Laurie, we are going to be focusing on the European cup circuit and at the same time hopefully delving into a few World Cups along the way – to hopefully get experience. And then see if we can get selection for the 2018 Olympics. That would be all of our goals completed.”

So is Olympic Gold a possibility for you?
“If it happens, fantastic, and if it doesn’t then we’ve got another two or three winter Olympics in us, so we’ve got some time.

We’re taking everything step by step, we’re still young and we’re still in the early stages of development in terms of being competitive on the world stage. Anything can happen and all of us, on our day, are capable of skiing pretty fast. But I don’t think either of us is in a position to set ourselves those specific targets. We’ll just see how it goes from there.”