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Nikwax and its Brand Partnerships

Nikwax is proud of its multiple brand partnerships, borne out of a mutual desire to develop
outdoor innovation, safely…

Did you know Nikwax Directional Textiles are chosen by Páramo® Outdoor Clothing to keep their users safer, drier and warmer?
Put simply, thanks to Nikwax Directional Textiles, Páramo clothing systems keep you cool or warm, depending on the climate conditions you are in. Too much moisture in a standard breathable fabric base layer, jacket or pair of trousers will lead to sudden and rapid cooling when you stop and rest, whereas directional fabric avoids a build-up of water in your clothing when you are working hard – directing condensation, sweat and rain away from you.

Páramo waterproofs are made from unique Nikwax Analogy® fabric, which mimics the action of animal fur to protect you from rain, condensation and perspiration whilst protecting your insulation. Rigorously tested in the Leeds University Rain Room, which was specially built and donated by Nikwax to enable the assessment of outdoor fabrics and garment designs, Páramo Analogy clothing resists at least 4 hours of heavy rain by moving liquid water through the fabric system, making it easier for you to keep your body temperature stable.

Nikwax Directional Textiles are also the natural choice for rescue services nationwide, including SARDA and Mountain Rescue volunteer teams, who rely on our long-lasting, high performance fabrics used by Páramo to keep them safer, drier and warmer during rescue operations in the very worst conditions…

‘It is dusk on a cold weekend evening. Snow lies on the wet ground and more is falling. A SARDA search dog and handler, accompanied by a navigator from the local Mountain Rescue team, are out searching for a father and son lost on the hills. Mobile phone signal is patchy and the ground is difficult – cut up and with hidden pools of cold water. Nevertheless, the search dog and her handler press on as they have an urgent rescue to complete before night falls.

Under these conditions you need to be able to trust your kit. You know it’s going to be tough staying warm and dry, and you cannot be worrying about whether your clothing is up to the task. This is where Páramo comes into its own: it is the kit of choice for our SARDA handlers as it is tough, hard-wearing and you know it’s going to give you the protection you need.’ Kate Gilliver, SARDA South Wales.


The full Nikwax Directional Textiles range used by Páramo includes waterproof, windproof, denim, fleece, insulator cotton and polyester fabrics that are all easily renewable with Nikwax aftercare and can ultimately be recycled after years of service.

For further information on the impressive range of Nikwax Directional Textiles, click here

Did you know Nikwax Hydrophobic Down (NHD) is chosen by global outdoor brands to insulate their technical garments and gear?
You do now! We are the proud global leaders in PFC-free waterproofing technologies, which is why brands such as Rab, Haglöfs, Therm-a-Rest, NOMAD, Ternua, Ayacucho and Domex choose NHD* to insulate and prolong the effective life of their top of the range down-filled garments and gear.

Launched in 2013, NHD is a specialist down fill prepared using a Nikwax environmentally sustainable water repellent treatment, which makes it (up to) a huge 200 times more water resistant than untreated down. The result? You stay warmer and drier in a wider range of conditions, and your gear lasts longer. It’s no wonder top notch outdoor clothing and gear companies use NHD.

Since launching our award winning NHD eight years ago, we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes with our brand partners to develop and improve our processes. The result? Our two latest innovations: NHD+ and NHD Recycled.

NHD+ is the first and only hydrophobic down to exceed an incredible 10,000 minutes of continuous shake time on the industry IDFB 18a Shake Test. That’s 7 days of constant exposure to water! Rab, Haglöfs, Therm-a-Rest and NOMAD all trust NHD+ to take their gear to the next level.

NHD Recycled was created to meet our brand partners’ wish to use recycled down, without compromising on quality. Old down is given a new lease of life, passing an impressive 1,000 minutes of shake time on the industry IDFB 18a Shake Test. We delivered, and Rab used our NHD Recycled in their Autumn/Winter 20/21 collection and are expanding their use of NHD Recycled for Autumn/Winter 21/22.

Here’s what our valued brand partners have to say about us…

‘As the Masters of Insulation our customers expect our products to deliver superior performance for longer. That’s why we choose Nikwax Hydrophobic Down treatment to dramatically reduce the negative effects moisture can have on the down insulation, and ensure our jackets absorb less water, dry faster and retain their loft for longer, whatever the conditions.’ Jim Evans, Rab.

‘With the Hydrophobic Down water resistant treatment in our sleeping bag range, Therm-a-Rest’s customers know they are buying into long lasting quality and performance. Our long-term partnership with Nikwax is vital to the brand, and what we stand for.’ Lindsay Morrison, Therm-a-Rest.

‘When we heard about the Hydrophobic Down increased shake time of 10,000 minutes it felt like the natural way to go. And for us to work with a company that is also driven by sustainability, it feels like the perfect match.’ Jenny Spiik, Haglöfs.

 ‘NOMAD is taking another step forward in the process of creating innovative and sustainable products by working with Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+.’ Roos Schaffels, NOMAD.

*In line with ours and our brand partners’ environmental values, Nikwax Hydrophobic Down only works with responsible down brands who have RDS or TDS certification:
• RDS or TDS ensures the safety and welfare of birds farmed for down
• No live plucking takes place
• Force-feeding is prohibited
• The conditions in which the birds are kept ensures best quality of life.

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Do you own a Páramo® clothing system yet? If not, you should… Páramo is the award-winning outdoor gear brand that optimises your garments for unpredictable weather by using Nikwax Analogy® waterproof fabric. Thanks to Nikwax Analogy, Páramo clothing is extremely durable and ultra-efficient at keeping outdoor enthusiasts and workers (such as Mountain Rescue volunteers) dry and comfortable in multi environments and varying conditions. It does this by directing liquid water and moisture vapour away from the body, meaning wearers can stay active and comfortable in wild conditions for longer – all thanks to one, single, versatile garment.

The Nikwax Duology innovation, however, goes one step further by combining two garments (layers) to form one system – ensuring an even broader range of protection, with no extra weight. The top layer consists of a Nikwax Duology Windproof, which is a tightly woven 100% polyester microfibre treated with Nikwax PFC-free Durable Water Repellency (DWR). Its primary function is to keep out the wind, of course, and to deflect rain, although it also protects from the sun and biting insects. The second, inner, layer consists of a Nikwax Duology Fleece, also treated with Nikwax PFC-free DWR, which provides insulation and directs moisture away from the body.

Worn alone, these layers are fully appropriate (especially in the summer months), but when combined, the Windproof enhances the insulation of the Fleece and the Fleece enhances the water repellency of the Windproof. The Duology system can withstand an impressive 4 hours of simulated rainfall in the Leeds University Rain Room and will keep its wearer warm and dry on a cold, wet day (for those not in the know, the ‘Leeds University Textile Department Rain Room’ was donated by Nikwax to assess outdoor fabrics and garments for wet weather suitability. Click here to read more about the testing process).

Ultimately, Nikwax Duology is an additional Páramo waterproof system for outdoor enthusiasts and workers. It is adaptable to the changing – and frequently unreliable – seasons, and the escalating issue of climate instability. In the ‘old days’ we could predict fairly accurately when winter or summer would begin and end, however, it is not uncommon now to experience warm weather in December and to see the mercury plunge in March. Thus, in return for combining a Nikwax Duology Windproof and Fleece, you are guaranteeing adaptability on your adventures.

Depending on your use, there are three different garment solutions available. Multisport users should wear the Ostro or Alize combination, which is ideal for lightweight, high-energy activities. For hillwalkers and hikers, the Bentu or Zefira combination is best. For high-mountain, climbing and alpinism, look no further than the Enduro or Ventura combination. Check them all out here.

Nikwax Duology is quiet, soft, puncture tolerant, field repairable and is free of PFCs and other persistent chemicals of concern. The waterproof performance is indefinitely renewable with Nikwax Aftercare giving a longer wear life, with lower environmental impact. All Nikwax Duology fabrics are recyclable.

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Greenpeace mount successful expeditions to high altitudes and high latitudes using Nikwax PFC-free fabric technology

To draw attention to the threat posed by pollution from perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), Greenpeace has visited some of the most inhospitable places on earth, by foot, to sample the pristine water and snow for PFC chemicals. At the same time it tested PFC-free outdoor clothing in extreme conditions, aiming to overcome the myth that functional clothing needs PFCs for the toughest climates. A number of the garments used by Greenpeace researchers were manufactured by Páramo, who uses the PFC-free Nikwax Analogy waterproof fabric system. Expedition members commented that they were very happy with the equipment, even in harsh weather conditions above 5,000 metres of altitude.


The new Greenpeace report “Footprints in the snow”, based on the expeditions, reveals PFCs can be found in some of the remotest corners of the world. PFCs have for years been used by many aftercare companies to achieve the water repellency of their treatments. Nikwax is the only aftercare and fabric technology provider to have never used PFCs, having assessed them as hazardous materials. PFCs do not break down easily in the environment and build up in our bodies. There is good scientific evidence that PFCs cause health issues: affecting the hormone system, promoting growth of cancerous tumours and causing sterility.

Previous Greenpeace research revealed PFC water repellents are found on the waterproofs of most major outdoor brands. For the latest report, the expeditions found traces of both long-chain C8 PFCs (traditionally used by outdoor brands) and short-chain C6 PFCs (more recently adopted as a “safer” alternative to C8s). The report highlights that most outdoor brands are still contributing towards the presence of PFCs after failing to eliminate these toxic chemicals from their products. Greenpeace believes outdoor companies need to avoid using all PFCs for the sake of human health and the environment.


Nick Brown, CEO of Nikwax said: “I recognised 15 years ago that using PFC technology in Nikwax products would be taking a risk with the health of my consumers. Anyone who cares about the wellbeing of their family and future generations should be concerned that the continued spread of PFCs will leave us with decades of pollution to deal with. From outdoor lovers to city dwellers, the power is in the hands of ordinary people to urge the industry and politicians to take action on the total elimination of these toxins.”

Nikwax has been one of the few pioneers in the industry to campaign against the use of PFCs and earlier this year held a conference with Greenpeace at the ISPO Outdoor trade fair to simply lay out the dangers these chemicals pose.

It’s time to act! Find out more and read the full report at

Images: Greenpeace