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Why Nikwax Footwear Products Make the Best Aftercare

Nikwax’s cleaning and waterproofing footwear products can be used on a variety of shoes and boots, with a clear aim in mind – to keep you dry whilst enjoying the outdoors. Because the products are designed for those who live, work, and enjoy the outdoors, it makes sense that they are all environmentally friendly and safe to use.

Better value for money

A key feature of Nikwax footwear aftercare – the products are all water-based.

Compared to aerosol products, Nikwax’s water-based formula provides a higher concentration of waterproofing – up to 5 times more concentrated. Plus, the fine mist of solvent-based aerosols can be harder to direct onto footwear, which leads to a greater waste of the product. Nikwax gets everywhere it needs to go, making it better value than purchasing solvent-based sprays.

Non-hazardous solutions

Solvent-based aerosol waterproofing products are harmful for you, your family and the environment. They are also highly flammable and pose an explosive hazard and these gases can prove fatal if inhaled by somebody. A good indication of how harmful solvent-based products can be, are the number of hazard warnings on the labels.

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Nikwax products do not contain solvents or propellant gases, toxic/hazardous chemicals, are not tested on animals, and are fluorocarbon (PFC)-free. This means you can use Nikwax on your footwear knowing that it is safe and you are leaving no negative environmental imprint.


Maintains performance of your footwear

Conventional footwear cleaning products can leave behind a water-attracting (hydrophilic) residue on your shoes. This will mask the durable water repellency, causing shoes to absorb water and `wet out`, leaving you with damp feet

The specialist formula in Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel ensures that all dirt and contaminants are removed from the footwear whilst reviving, and not impairing, the durable water repellency. Combined with the appropriate footwear waterproofing product – which leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on the shoe – Nikwax’s footwear aftercare ensures that breathability is maintained. Choose from Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather, Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof or Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Proof. All keep the rain out while allowing sweat to escape so your feet stay comfortable, supported and dry.

Unlike PFC-based products, heat is not required to activate Nikwax treatments. So you can clean and subsequently proof your footwear without drying it first. They can then be left to dry naturally – thereby saving energy.

Take home message: Nikwax footwear aftercare enhances performance to keep you dry and comfortable, whilst being safe to use and kind to the environment around us.