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Do More with Nikwax at ISPO 2019

With trade show season just around the corner we are pleased to once again announce that we will be exhibiting at Europe’s biggest and best trade show, ISPO Trade Show 2019.

For those less familiar with the show it brings together the entire outdoor industry; 2,500 brands, within 16 aircraft hangers, south of Munich, and sees 85,000 people within the outdoor trade visit Messe Munch from 3rd to 6th February 2019. Our stand is booth 400, within hall A1. If you are attending this year come and visit the Nikwax stand to see how we are More Than Waterproofing.

Find out how you can Do More With Nikwax and learn about our sustainability.

We have a very special sustainability announcement to be made during the show. Make sure you visit the Nikwax stand to find out what it is!


Throughout the show we will be sharing:

Nikwax Gear Stories and Party – We are pleased to invite you to come along and share your favourite gear stories, where Nikwax has helped prolong the life of your kit. We will have a Nikwax party, Tuesday 5th February, 4pm – 6pm, on the Nikwax stand where special guests will will sharing their Nikwax Gear Stories, and we will invite you to share yours too. Prizes will be given for the best Gear Stories!

Run with Nikwax – Why not get active during the show? We will take a willing group on a Run with Nikwax during the show. We will also walk and talk runners, cyclists and gym goers through the benefits of Nikwax on technical next to skin layers, keeping them performing while eliminating odour. Run with Nikwax will take place Tuesday 5th February, 2pm – 3pm, meeting at the Nikwax stand.

Nikwax Kit Clinic – Want to know how Nikwax can help extend the life of your kit? This could be your waterproof, down jacket, backpack, baselayer or footwear. We have a Nikwax expert on hand, on our stand, during the Nikwax Kit Clinic, daily, 10am – 11am. Our expert is straight from the Nikwax lab, armed with expertise to make sure you get the most out of your kit, for as long as possible. Slots will be appointment only and we look forward to seeing you.

There will be even more going on at the show including Nikwax talks and presentations in the Brands for Good and Green Room Voice Corporate Social Responsibility talks throughout the show. Visit the Nikwax stand to find our more.

To RSVP to any of the above events please e-mail




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The Future For Nikwax – More Than Just Waterproofing

A new family of products and maintaining its commitment to conserving
the natural world

40 Years of Nikwax – Invention and Innovation, to keep people dry, with concern for the environment
Nick Brown, CEO started Nikwax in 1977. The catalysts were, firstly, as an outdoor person who backpacked in the mountains, wanting to have dry and comfortable feet. Secondly, as a young person having just finished university, being able to earn a living. These two needs came together to form Nikwax, a business that first focused on preserving, and waterproofing, leather mountain boots. In due course, focus extended to production with minimal environmental impact. What followed was developing the first range of water-based garment waterproofing products that could effectively replace harmful aerosols, could be used easily at home in a washing machine and were safe .


The future for Nikwax is – More Than Just Waterproofing – Outdoor Innovation.
Out of concern that climate change is increasingly threatening to alter the way of life for billions of people, Nikwax is innovating to adapt, but in a way that also takes care of our planet. Nick Brown comments: “As consumers become more aware of the environmental challenges, they will become selective about which brands they support. They will want the brands they choose to have a history that they can be proud of, combined with the ability to invent new and greener solutions to the practical problems of life”.

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More Than Just Waterproofing – Nikwax Sweatproofing –

Nikwax introduced a new family of products at OutDoor that they will be developing into the future.
Nikwax believes outdoor comfort is not just about repelling water away from your clothing system, it is also about making the best use of the water we produce through our skin. So, they have bought together a range of products that make fabrics dry faster and therefore cool you more efficiently, reducing the need to sweat. At the same time, they reduce odour build up in the fabric, extending the useful life of garments. Nikwax has brought together this family of products under the Sweatproofing banner, to help people better understand the benefit of increasing the performance of technical underwear.


NEWS UPDATE! Nikwax Sweatproofing advanced laundry conditioner BaseFresh® earns an OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD in the “Sustainable Innovation” category.

Nikwax’s approach to developing innovative products that enhance people’s comfort and enjoyment of the outdoors, with care for the environment has earned them an OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD for BaseFresh in the category “Sustainable Innovation”. 

BaseFresh is an advanced laundry conditioner for all next-to-skin technical base layers, underwear and wicking clothing designed to be worn next to the skin which deodorises, inhibits the build-up of body odours, makes fabrics dry faster and therefore cools more efficiently, reducing the need to sweat.

Recognising people’s comfort outdoors is not just about keeping water out of clothing, BaseFresh is part of Nikwax’s new Sweatproofing family of products. The range also includes BaseWash, Wool Wash™ and Sandal Wash™, expertly designed to clean and condition next-to-skin technical clothing, extending the useful life of garments with no loss performance.

To see more from Nikwax at OutDoor visit our Portal HERE