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Hit the slopes with confidence when you use Nikwax on your gear

Summer is becoming a distant memory, but is replaced with new excitement as the winter sports season is almost upon us. So many of us now like to turn our hand to snowboarding, skiing, or other snow-based activities during this time of the year and now is the time to check out your kit and get it ready before you head off to your mountain chalet.

Some of the key items you will need:

Helmet: if it is more than 5 seasons old then the chances are you should look to replace it. The inner supportive lining can wear down over time and you definitely want to ensure your head is protected as strongly as possible.

Skis: if they have been stored away for quite some time, then they will need to be waxed ready for use. Also, take this opportunity to check all the bindings still work appropriately.

Goggles: to help with ensuring clear vision when on the slopes, protect your goggles with Nikwax Visor Proof. This spray-on rain repellent is made specifically for visors and goggles, and will improve the vision by shedding water. 


Base & Mid Layers: layering is key when doing winter sports activities. You want your base/mid layers to be breathable, to wick away sweat and be fast drying, to ensure that you don’t start to feel clammy or uncomfortable, especially when out in the glare of the mountain sun. Base layers can accumulate body oils over time, leading to them smelling. Use Nikwax BaseFresh, with your household detergent, to rid your base layers of bacteria and deodorise them so that you smell fresh! Mid layers, such as fleeces will provide great insulation – you need to keep warm as weather conditions can change quickly. Nikwax PolarProof will protect your mid layer fleece from absorbing water, as it coats the fabric in a water repellent formula. It also prevents pilling on the fabric, so your item stays looking as good as new.

Ski Jackets & Salopettes: the key outerwear, which will protect you against the elements, be it rain, snow, sleet or wind. Combined with your layers, you will be able to add and remove garments as required, to maximise your comfort when being active. If you have not cleaned the items in a while, then we recommend you wash them in Nikwax Tech Wash – the number 1 high performance cleaner for technical clothing. Safe and easy to use in a washing machine, Tech Wash will remove all dirt and contaminants from the garments, whilst reviving the durable water repellent (DWR) coating.

When reproofing is required then look no further than Nikwax TX.Direct. Another innovative Nikwax water-based product, TX.Direct will add DWR to your water repellent ski gear, whilst revitalising the breathability. The partnership of Tech Wash and TX. Direct ensures that the performance of your gear is optimised, preventing you getting cold and wet in winter conditions. You can focus on the thrill of the snow and stay warm, dry and comfortable.


Gloves: we lose a lot of heat from our head and our hands, so make sure you have your winter season gloves ready. Try and get a pair that are insulated – your hands can lose body heat very quickly when out in extreme cold conditions. Because you want to keep your hands toasty and dry, use sponge-on Nikwax Glove Proof to add water repellency. Glove Proof will also help maintain palm grip on gloves and is easy to apply. For leather gloves, Glove Proof will also condition the tanning agents. You can clean them first with Tech Wash to remove any dirt, but leather gloves should be cleaned with Nikwax Leather Cleaner before applying Glove Proof.

Go out and enjoy the thrill of the season. Just remember, when it is over and you want to store your gear away until the next time, clean the items first with Tech Wash! By cleaning away the dirt you will be maintaining the lifespan of your gear and it will be ready for your next adventure!

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