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How To: get ski gear prepared for ski season with Nikwax

Everyone remembers to ensure their clothing is waterproofed and able to keep them dry, warm and comfortable when out on the slopes during ski season, but they may not be aware that Nikwax also produces two key aftercare products to care for their ski gear!

Clear vision with Nikwax Visor Proof
Whether you wear a pair of ski goggles or a helmet with a visor, it is important that your vision is as clear as possible and not obstructed with snow or droplets of rain that you have to keep wiping off with your hands. You just want to focus on your activity and be able to see any potential hazard on the slopes in front of you.

Visor Proof is the high performance rain repellent that ensures clear vision for all visors and goggles. A water-based product, Visor Proof can be used safely indoors, unlike solvent-based sprays. Easy to apply by hand, it will add effective water repellency to visors or goggles.

Visor Proof sheds water quickly, enhancing vision through the visor or goggles and helping the user see more clearly, especially in snowy or wet conditions.

Your customers need to know just how quick and easy Visor Proof is to use!

  • First, remove all surface dirt from the visor/goggles with mild soap and rinse thoroughly.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • From a distance of 6 inches, apply two sprays of Visor Proof to the outside face of the visor/goggles.
  • Wipe with a clean, fluff-free cloth in smooth strokes to the outer edges of the visor/goggles.
  • Rub vigorously from side to side for even spread.
  • Your visor/goggles are ready for use!

And, did you know, Visor Proof is not just for ski goggles – it can be used on the visors of motorcycle helmets and protective sports glasses too!

Enhanced performance for skis with Nikwax Ski Skin Proof
Ski Skins are standard kit when it comes to ascending slopes and travelling over the snow smoothly and easily. The last thing someone wants is to find wet snow accumulating on their skins and making travel difficult.

Ski Skin Proof is the highly effective waterproofer that will prevent ice build-up and saturation on ski skins. By using Ski Skin Proof, the performance of the skis will be enhanced as it will reduce kick and improves glide. Ski Skin Proof will prolong the useable lifetime and performance of ski skins!

As with Visor Proof, Ski Skin Proof is quick and easy to use for instant protection.

  • Thoroughly shake the bottle before use.
  • Press the sponge applicator to break the seal.
  • Apply to either wet or dry ski skins whilst they are attached to the skis.
  • Start at the front of the ski skin and work the liquid into the fibres.
  • Ensure that the whole of the ski skin has been covered.
  • Leave the ski skin to dry naturally.
  • Note: if the ski skins are being treated before being glued to the ski, then ensure that the adhesive side is not exposed to the product.

Both products are free from PFCs and harmful chemicals, making them safe for the user and the environment. Treating gear from new, and when used, will help maintain its condition and performance.