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Nikwax Expert – BaseWash and BaseFresh keep you warm on the slopes

This month’s guest blog is from Paul Humphreys – Nikwax Technical Sales Representative

I have been skiing for most of my life and have skied in most weather conditions from -25C to +10C from the windy ski slopes of Bulgaria to the wide open cold slopes of Breckenridge, Colorado  and there are always two items of clothing I need to rely on working – these are my thermal top and bottoms.  I needs these to wick sweat away and dry quickly.  There is nothing worse than being sat on a chair lift with the wind picking up and having cold damp base layers on!  Or standing at the bar in a wet thermal top!  Base layers are designed to wick moisture away from the body and then dry very quickly to leave a warm, dry base layer that can keep you warm and comfortable in all weathers.


I have used a lot of thermals over the years and they start off doing what they say they will, but after a few washes they start to lose a lot of their qualities and just seemed to get worse over time and with the more I washed them.

A few years ago I found Nikwax BaseWash® and BaseFresh® and started to use these with my thermals and the difference has been amazing!

If you think about it, you spend a lot of money on these thermals and they are a massively important part of the layer up system and then we go and throw them in the wash with normal jeans and t-shirts!

I have now been using Nikwax BaseWash® to clean all my thermals for a few years and the difference has been brilliant.  I have noticed they still feel like the day I bought them.  They dry much quicker and they take longer to start to smell.  On a ski trip that can be a lifesaver and save you taking 6 tops with you! 


I started to use Nikwax BaseFresh® last year.  This replaces the conditioner and keeps my base layers feeling soft and nice next to the skin.  When I ski I always use a backpack to carry my emergency down jacket, first aid kit, and spare gloves, googles and other items.  Having a soft base layer means it is much more comfortable when skiing and moving around.

Keeping yourself as comfortable as you can when skiing will mean you can stay out on the slopes for longer and everyone wants that!  Being able to get the last ski lift of the day and have the sun setting behind you as you ski down is the best feeling in the world and having comfortable base layers help you to feel like staying out longer.