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Celebrating National #GetOutsideDay

Nikwax user Carys Rees, aka @this.girlwalks, loves maps and has been a fan of Ordnance Survey (OS) for as long as she can remember, so you can imagine how thrilled she was to be brought on board by them as an OS Champion! This year, Ordnance Survey and Mountain Rescue England & Wales announced a new partnership to emphasise the importance of navigation skills and having the right equipment when enjoying days out in the hills, mountains, and countryside. As a member of the
Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team, this partnership is a particularly exciting one for Carys. Below, she tells us a little about herself, and shares her recent #GetOutsideDay interview with OS…

I have been lucky enough to have spent a lifetime hiking through the rolling hills of Wales and while there are more epic peaks to conquer, I feel most at home in the Bannau Brycheiniog. My parents always encouraged me to spend time outdoors. Growing up, my sister and I would often be found sitting up in some tree or riding our bikes. I did my Duke of Edinburgh in secondary school and still to this day, my
76-year-old father comes out with me on our favourite hike around Llyn y Fan – he’s actually quicker than me on those inclines!

Wales is a place of myth and legends, with dragons living in our hills and ladies in our lakes. I absolutely adore that there is a magical story for almost every area of the national park. Sometimes I feel more at home outdoors than I do under my own roof, and I feel a real longing for it when I’ve been away for too long. However, lets be honest, the weather isn’t always the best and so I have been using Nikwax all of my adult life to take care of my kit – one of my coats is over 20 years old and is still waterproof thanks to Nikwax! Take care of your kit and it will take care of you.

Spending time outdoors has always been incredibly important to me and I’m a huge advocate of getting out in the fresh air. I hike, wild swim, camp and paddleboard, but sometimes just going for a walk in nature has massive benefits. There have been studies which demonstrate that spending time outdoors can not only help with depression and anxiety, but also lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and asthma. 

This year’s National #GetOutsideDay lands on Sunday 24th September so I thought I would speak to Helen from OS to find out what it’s all about!

What is Get Outside Day and why did OS set it up?
National #GetOutside Day is a celebration of the great outdoors: a day to come together and showcase that people of all ages, background and abilities can get outside. ​

It’s a day for the industry to join forces; providing inspiration for getting outside and showcasing that everyone can enjoy outdoor activities, especially those that struggle through lack of connection, access or skills. We believe the outdoors should be accessible to all.

We (Ordnance Survey) set it up to help get the nation outside and enjoying the physical, mental and social benefits the outdoors has to offer. It’s tied to our mission “to encourage more people to get outside more often”, which continues to sit at the heart of what we do today.

When did it launch and how has it grown over the years?
​National #GetOutside Day was launched in 2017 and has grown to become a well-known autumn campaign that sees the outdoor industry come together with one clear goal. Over the years, more organisations have got involved to support the campaign – and not just those in the outdoor industry! National #GetOutside day has become an unmissable event in many people’s calendars and a chance to rally up their nearest and dearest for a great day out.

Why is it important to spend time outdoors? 
Getting a regular dose of fresh air does wonders for our physical, social and mental wellbeing. Being outdoors lowers stress levels, improves mental health, and increases levels of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. A recent report* found that walking just 5,000 steps a day can bring noticeable changes to our physical health and improve life expectancy. Outdoor activities also connect people socially and help form lasting memories and friendships.

Where can people can find inspiration of things to do on Get Outside Day?
Our #GetOutside website has a huge bank of outdoor articles to help people plan their next adventure. Our activity guides provide ideas and inspiration on what to do and where to go as well as information to help people brush up on their outdoor skills, safety and navigation.

Do you have any ambassadors / celebrities taking part?
Our OS Champions continue to be our biggest advocates of the great outdoors. They come from all walks of life and have an unrivalled passion for the outdoors. We have paddleboarders, horse riders, wild campers, dog walkers, family adventurers and more! They’ll be sharing their precious places and outdoor activities for others to enjoy too.  

For more information on National #GetOutside Day, visit

For more information on Nikwax aftercare products, visit



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Step Up Your Game: A Guide to the Different Types of Shoes and Their Uses for Every Activity

Established in 1938 in Scotland, Trespass is a leading outdoor retailer in the UK, providing clothing, footwear, and equipment for all your outdoor needs. Nikwax took a moment to tap into their expertise about all things footwear! Sit back, read on, and discover the perfect shoe for every activity with their comprehensive guide to the different types of shoes and their uses.

Did you know that wearing the right footwear can make or break your performance? Unfortunately, wearing the wrong kind of shoes can be detrimental to your health, as well as your performance and comfort. You can improve your performance in any activity by always having the right shoes for the job and familiarising yourself with the types of footwear suitable for your chosen activities. With our advice, you will be able to find the ideal pair of shoes for any event and ensure that your feet are never subjected to discomfort.

But it’s not just about choosing the right shoes; it’s also about keeping them in good condition. That’s where Nikwax comes in – their products are designed to protect the materials and keep them looking their best. Nikwax aftercare is ideal for all types of footwear, from running shoes to work boots, hiking sandals and even casual shoes. Their products offer waterproofing, UV protection, and dirt and stain repellency, to keep your shoes looking and performing their best. Nikwax will keep your footwear clean and in good condition for longer, no matter the activity.

Different types of shoes and their uses

Walking Shoes:
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires walking regularly and suitable shoes will make all the difference. Cushioning to lessen the stress on your feet and joints, as well as arch support for added comfort, are two features that should be included in high-quality walking shoes. In addition, you should search for shoes with sturdy outsoles that provide a decent grip, allowing you to walk securely on wet or slippery terrain.

Key features:

  1. Cushioning for comfort and support
  2. Arch support
  3. Sturdy outsoles
  4. Grippy surfaces for good traction.

Trespass offers a wide selection of comfy, cushioned walking shoes with arch support and grippy outsoles that keep your feet feeling wonderful on your walks.

Hiking Boots:
You should, of course, invest in a good pair of hiking boots if you enjoy hiking! Try to find boots that offer excellent cushioning, protection against water, and that have a strong grip. Additionally, you should seek boots with adjustable lacing systems to suit the size and form of your foot.

Key features:

  1. Cushioning for comfort and support
  2. Waterproof membrane to protect your feet from moisture
  3. Sturdy outsoles with a strong grip
  4. Adjustable lacing system for a precise fit
  5. Supportive midsole construction

Trespass is proud to provide a wide range of high-quality hiking boots, striking the ideal balance between convenience and safety for use in the great outdoors. Our collection offers excellent cushioning, waterproof membranes and sturdy outsoles for your protection.

When exercising, a good pair of running shoes or trainers is essential. Look for shoes that offer plenty of ventilation, cushioning and support, since this will help keep your feet from overheating. Running shoes should also have plenty of grip on their soles, which will help prevent slipping on difficult terrain. Need a new pair of trainers to boost your performance? Check out the Trespass range of running shoes, perfect for fitness enthusiasts.

Key features:

  1. Flexible and responsive sole for natural foot movement
  2. Stability and support for your foot’s arch
  3. Shock-absorbing midsole for reducing impact
  4. Breathable upper materials to keep your feet cool and dry
  5. Removable insoles for custom fit and support

Trespass offers a wide variety of trainers for men and women with all of these features.

Casual shoes should be as comfortable as they are practical. Look for lightweight shoes with ample cushioning and arch support, enabling you to walk comfortably. We recommend choosing shoes with rubber soles since they offer superior traction and are more durable.

Key features:

  1. Lightweight construction
  2. Ample cushioning and arch support for comfort
  3. Breathable materials to keep your feet cool and dry
  4. Rubber soles for superior traction and durability

You’ll find casual shoes for men and women at Trespass, perfect for everyday wear.

The benefits of using Nikwax on footwear

Nikwax products help protect your footwear from the elements, prolong its life, and keep shoes looking great. Nikwax’s unique waterproofing properties allow water to bead up and run off the fabric instead of absorbing into it, increasing breathability and preventing water absorption.

Key features:

  1. Waterproofing – Nikwax helps keep water out of your shoes, so your feet stay drier and more comfortable in wet weather.
  2. Breathability – Nikwax also allows sweat to escape and evaporate away from the foot.
  3. Protection – Nikwax forms an additional layer against dirt, grime, and other environmental factors that can damage and age your shoes prematurely.
  4. Durability – Nikwax helps to extend the life of your footwear, keeping it looking better for longer.

Ultimately, Nikwax is ideal for anyone looking to keep their footwear in top condition. If you want your shoes to stay waterproof, breathable and protected against the elements, Nikwax is the perfect solution. You can find the full range of Nikwax products at Trespass:

If you take time to research the many different kinds of footwear on the market, you will have a better idea of the most suitable type for your chosen activity, ensuring your feet are always relaxed and comfortable outdoors. Happy exploring!

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Enjoy the outdoors this autumn

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, with fields, parks and gardens full of crisp colourful leaves and lawns doused with dew. Now is not the time to stay inside for days on end with the heating cranked up high. Embrace the autumnal freshness and get some exercise, or have some fun in the fresh air. The great outdoors is the best medicine for everyone and best of all its completely free! There really is nothing better than stepping outside to clear your head and to get some fresh country air. We encourage you all to embrace the autumn weather; here are 6 activities you can enjoy in the countryside…

  1. Walking 

Walking is a simple form of exercise but often overlooked! It is one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. One brisk walk a day keeps the doctor away, as the saying goes. You do not have to walk for hours on end: even a brisk 10-minute daily walk has a lot of health benefits. So grab your favourite reliable walking boots, a warm jacket and take time to appreciate your stunning natural environment.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is one of the best ways to take in scenery and nature. This fast-paced activity is sure to draw you in, having the wind in your hair and enjoying the peace and tranquillity that the countryside offers – you will never want to return! Find a path, trail or track and you are guaranteed to stumble upon a beautiful cycling route. All you need is a bike to enjoy the fun, and with so many places you can hire a bike from for the day, no one needs to miss out!

  1. Foraging

There are plenty of berries, seeds and nuts to go round at this time of the year. They will be easy to spot in hedgerows and woodland, and you might find that local parks and your own garden provide foraging hotspots. All you need is something to collect your bounty in. Be mindful and make sure you leave plenty behind for wildlife, so only pick from an area with a plentiful supply. October is great for damsons, walnuts, hazelnuts and, if you are near the sea, it’s also the perfect time for collecting mussels.

  1. Bird Watching

As mentioned above, berries, fruit and seeds are readily available in autumn. It is a time when you will see birds preparing for the cold winter that lies ahead; flocks of birds are also very common sightings at this time of the year. So, it’s the perfect time to grab your binoculars and head outside. As well as bird watching, you’ll also have the opportunity to spot some other wildlife!

  1. Horse Riding

To quote Winston Churchill, ‘no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle’ and this is the time of year for blissful long canters through soft fields and gentle trots along idyllic bridle paths. No more pestering horse-flies, cough-inducing dust and hard-baked ground, just crisp air, a riot of coppery colours and that gorgeous autumn glow. Notwithstanding the small matter of wet mud (much easier to brush off once dry!) autumn is arguably the ultimate season for equine pastimes.

6 Yoga and Mindfulness

Finally, take some time for yourself this autumn. Roll out your yoga mat in the garden or in a park and move mindfully in the fresh air. It is best to layer up, then, as you get moving you can start to remove some layers as you get warmer. If yoga is not your thing you can still take a mat, towel or blanket outside, sit down and practice meditation or mindful breathing. You might even have time to do this before work whilst the mornings are still light.  

Stay warm and dry this autumn with the Nikwax Sweatproofing range, which cleans and conditions all next-to-skin clothing (think synthetic and woollen base layers), with no loss of performance. BaseWash® and Wool Wash gently clean, remove embedded odours and prevent the build-up of odour-causing bacteria whilst also accelerating the ability of the fabric to dry – to help regulate body temperature when sweating. For maximum enjoyment in the great outdoors, reach for the Nikwax!



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Walk your way to better health

You probably won’t have failed to notice that Britain is facing an uphill battle against obesity. It seems that whenever you turn on the news, another shocking survey is being reported on, and this is with good reason.

The United Kingdom now ranks 24th in the World Obesity Tables, and Walk Magazine recently reported that a quarter of the country (24.9%) is now obese. What the government described as an “inactivity crisis” now accounts for over 37,000 deaths a year in this country.

Why has this happened? Well, it is hard to pin point a single factor, but the convenience of jumping into the car over walking to work or the shops has certainly contributed. The growing rush to spend every minute working has ensured that a 10 minute drive has replaced a 30 minute walk on the list of chosen transportation.

Similarly, our free time is now dominated by our iPad, laptop and Xbox screens, rather than bike riding, rock climbing or a game of 5-a-side football.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Just a short walk a few times a week will help improve physical fitness. In fact, one Doctor in Wigan has started prescribing walking to his patients in an effort to ensure their blood pressure returns to a safe level.

And while Nikwax might not have the clout of a GP, we always try to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle as much as possible. So, make the most of the beautiful British outdoors and go for a walk, hop on your bike or find a trail to run!