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Maintain the performance of your Nikwax Directional Textiles® for longer

Nikwax is the global leader in safe, high performance waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning for outdoor gear, but did you also know that Nikwax manufactures a range of high performance waterproof fabrics? Páramo Clothing has been using our Directional Textiles for nearly 30 years and we’d like to introduce them to you…

Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof fabric combines Nikwax Analogy Pump Liner® – which mimics the action of animal fur by pushing liquid water outwards to protect you from rain, condensation and perspiration whilst protecting your insulation – with a directional microfibre to deflect wind and rain. The fabric is soft, strong and durable, is effective in both high humidity and very cold conditions, and its water repellency can be easily renewed for the lifetime of the garment.

Nikwax Analogy Insulator combines Nikwax Windproof closely woven microfibre outer with Nikwax synthetic, water resistant fill to cut windchill and provide excellent insulation for overlayering with other Nikwax fabrics. It retains body heat very effectively to warm the body quickly and deflects rain whilst providing excellent moisture vapour transfer. It packs down small, giving a high warmth to weight ratio, and the fill gives a down-like feel and performance, with the benefit of still working well when wet.

Nikwax Windproof, Windproof Stretch and Windproof Denim are closely woven, resilient microfibre fabrics that cut wind chill and protect your insulation whilst still allowing movement of water away from the body. Comfortable when worn next to the skin, they are extremely breathable and highly resistant to degradation in ultraviolet (UV) light. They also fold and compress without damage so are ideal for ‘pack and carry’.

Nikwax Fleece is both water repellent and wind resistant, actively pushing liquid water – rain and perspiration – away from the body to keep you dry. It performs in all temperatures and humidity conditions whilst also trapping still air to provide superior insulation when needed.

Nikwax Cotton+ is a lightweight yet tough fabric that blends cotton with modern synthetic fibres to provide rugged comfort. By combining the best of the properties of both fibres, the fabric offers easy wear and easy care qualities ideal for outdoor activities and travel. It is quick drying and UV and wind-resistant.

What cleaning products are best for my Nikwax outerwear garments?
Designed and optimised to treat breathable waterproof fabrics, Tech Wash® is an easy-to-use and highly effective cleaner that also revitalises Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and maintains breathability. Regular cleaning of your gear will keep it performing at its best, however, when  Tech Wash alone does not revitalise the DWR it is time for a thorough re-proof.

TX.Direct® is the No.1 high performance waterproofer that is quick and easy-to-use in your washing machine; treating the seams, tapes and cords of your garment, as well as the fabric. The product develops on air drying, leaving a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibres that allows moisture vapour to pass through, maintaining breathability.

Nikwax Cotton+ garments should be cleaned first with Tech Wash, as above, followed by Cotton Proof, which delivers the same waterproofing result as TX. Direct.


Nikwax Parameta® base layers are made from incredibly versatile and lightweight polyester fabrics that provide either cooling or insulation as needed. They wick very effectively and spread perspiration over a large area, which dries out rapidly.

Parameta G has a raised grid pattern that traps air for insulation when covered with a windproof layer. Worn alone, the fabric allows air to circulate next to the skin for cooling.

Parameta A keeps you cool at higher temperatures and blocks out virtually all damaging UV rays, making it ideal for warm weather activities and travel.

Parameta T provides light insulation, making it excellent for cooler conditions. Its soft feel is very comfortable against the skin, even when worn for prolonged periods.

Parameta T+ is a reversible, asymmetrical fabric that directs water from one face to the other and provides two levels of cooling. It is also very robust and resists the ‘pulls’ that base layers are often prone to.

What cleaning products are best for my Nikwax Parameta base layers?
Once your base layers have been worn a few times and are starting to smell, clean them with BaseWash® to deodorise, freshen, soften, and enhance their drying and cooling performance.

Not only is BaseWash easy-to-use as it cleans and conditions at the same time, but it outperforms conventional household detergents and fabric conditioners, which can impair the wicking qualities of base layers and cause moisture retention. Additionally, over time, a build-up of bacteria and body oils can lead to your base layers smelling, which conventional detergents and fabric conditioners will simply mask rather than remove.

If you have just a few dirty base layers and want to clean them in a regular laundry load without compromising their technical attributes, BaseFresh®, will deliver the same results as BaseWash. Used instead of a fabric conditioner, BaseFresh allows your regular detergent to clean away dirt and stubborn stains, whilst it will deodorise, inhibit the build-up of body odours, improve wicking and accelerate drying.


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Nikwax Tech Wash: The Best in Test for Cleaning Waterproofs

Nikwax proven to provide unbeatable cleaning performance to keep you drier
on your next adventure.

Nikwax Tech Wash® has been independently proven to be the best performing product for cleaning waterproof gear in a washing machine. It is the only product demonstrated to provide exceptional cleaning performance whilst maintaining 100% of the Durable Water Repellency (DWR), meaning your gear performs at its best for longer, keeping you warmer and drier.

Unbeatable across the board
Samples of Nikwax Tech Wash were sent to Intertek, an internationally respected, independent laboratory, to be evaluated against 6 leading outdoor brands’ cleaning products and traditional soap flakes. The aim of the test was to establish the effect of the products on DWR across a variety of common outdoor polyester, nylon and membrane fabrics, whilst identifying the product with the best cleaning ability across a variety of soil types.

Intertek compared the cleaning ability of all the products across stains as diverse as mud, blood, oil and wine. Across all tested soil stains, Tech Wash cleaned significantly better than the competition. Not only did Tech Wash provide the best clean for your outdoor gear, but it is also the only cleaner proven to maintain 100% of its DWR after washing. It will extend the life of your gear, keeping your favourite kit performing at its best for longer, and ensuring you stay warm and dry whilst out enjoying the wild weather.

Stay Clean, Stay Dry
Why is a thorough clean so important for your outdoor wear? Breathable waterproof items always come pre-treated with a DWR coating that prevents the absorption of water into the material. DWR is compromised by dirt, or by cleaning with conventional laundry detergents or lesser specialist products. Dirt attracts water and household detergents leave water attracting (hydrophilic) residues, leading to fabric ‘wetting out’ in wet or damp conditions. So a dirty waterproof jacket, or one that has been cleaned using conventional laundry products, can’t function correctly, leaving you cold and wet.

It’s not only the rain that may leave us uncomfortably damp. When we work hard, we sweat. The evaporation of sweat cools us down and keeps us comfortable. But, when it rains we want to avoid getting wet, so we put on waterproof outerwear to keep us dry. The waterproof fabric must allow moisture vapour to pass through it, or ‘breathe’, otherwise our sweat cannot evaporate, causing us to overheat and get wet from condensation. If the outer fabric absorbs water, a garment can also lose up to 70% of its breathability, leaving the wearer clammy and miserable.

Nikwax Tech Wash is proven to be the most effective cleaner in the test, maintaining DWR, ensuring that your kit remains water repellent and breathable, keeping you warm and dry.

Tim Pickering, Head of Development at Nikwax said, “We’re really pleased to demonstrate overwhelmingly that Tech Wash is the best technical cleaner on the market for waterproof clothing. Other products do not clean as effectively, and cannot maintain as much water repellency, meaning you, the wearer, will get cold and wet. Extend the life of your gear by only using the best”.

Waterproof clothing and equipment cannot function when dirty, so whether it’s mud from your latest mountain hike, or food and wine from a leisurely picnic, use Tech Wash to deliver the best clean, revitalise DWR and breathability, and stay warm and dry in wet weather.

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Ask The Expert: saving perfectly good waterproofs from landfill

A predicted 235 million items of Britons’ unwanted clothing allegedly ended up in landfill last spring according to research by Sainsburys.  The study also revealed the reasons people don’t donate or recycle clothing, with 49% stating their clothes were worn out or dirty.  How many of these were simply waterproofs that no longer provided protection from the rain?    

Working in the outdoor industry we are all aware that when `wetting out` occurs and water stops beading on the fabric’s surface, that customers will start to feel cold and clammy fairly quickly.  This is caused by soaked-in water blocking sweat-vapour from escaping, creating condensation and making them damp.  And it doesn’t matter what brand they’ve bought or what ground-breaking waterproof, breathable technology that brand uses either.  It’s simply because their kit needs reproofing so that it can continue to shed rain whilst retaining that all important breathability.   

And Nikwax is actually one of the safest ways to clean and reproof kit?  With its PFC-free, water-based composition and commitment to outdoor conservation it’s both safe to use and, by buying Nikwax, customers are doing their little bit to support the great outdoors that they love. 

We recommend that before recommending customers proof their garment, you check out that they have already tried a technical washing solution like Tech Wash.  This will stop dirt on the jacket becoming lodged on the fabric’s surface preventing waterproofing TX.Direct from working.   Traditional household detergents leave behind a residue that attracts water and can block pores preventing water repellency and breathability.  

Following cleaning and proofing, customers should maintain their newly revived gear, by washing it with Nikwax Tech Wash regularly to keep it in tip-top condition.