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Care for your waxed cotton jacket

Waxed cotton jackets are perfect for when the weather cools down, providing insulation, breathability and water repellency to cope with a range of weather conditions. With styles now so varied – from traditional to higher-end fashion designs, you can stay dry and comfortable whether you are taking part in country pursuits or enjoying a gentle stroll down the high street…

However, you should never wash your waxed cotton jacket in the washing machine or dry it in a tumble dryer! Both methods can cause damage to the waxed coating that gives you the protection you need.

Instead, care for waxed cotton the old-fashioned way – by hand. It is very easy with Nikwax, resulting in a high performance water repellent coating that will ensure the longevity of your much-loved garment.

When to re-proof?
Does your jacket look lighter and dry in places? This indicates that its waxed coating has worn away through use and over time.

You can also try the water test – simply hold your jacket under a running tap and if the water is beading up and running off it, it is ok. However, if water is absorbed and the fabric is ‘wetting out’ then re-proofing is required.

How to clean and proof?
Your jacket could be dirty through use, so hand wash it first with Tech Wash® if the care label allows, sponging the fabric clean to remove the dirt that masks its water repellency. Unlike household detergents, Tech Wash is water-based and gentle on fabrics.

  • Once clean, lay the wet jacket flat on a protected surface
  • Liberally spray Wax Cotton Proof all over its outer surface
  • Spread it evenly using a cloth or sponge, rubbing into the fabric, especially over seams and hard-wearing areas

  • Remove any excess from the fabric
  • The product does appear white, but it will dry clear
  • Once the jacket’s front and back is treated, hang it up to dry.
  • Rub in any drips that appear / touch up any areas that may have been missed
  • Leave to air dry.

Once dry, your waxed cotton jacket will be fully water repellent, extending its life, enhancing its performance and maintaining the fabric breathability. You are now set to enjoy autumn, staying dry and warm outdoors.

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Revive tired waxed cotton jackets with Nikwax

Waxed cotton jackets provide shelter from the wind, insulation in colder conditions and keep the wearer comfortable and dry. Plus, the fabric is incredibly durable and tough against abrasion – they are harder to rip or get holes in. Waxed cotton jackets may lack the freedom of movement you find in hardshell waterproofs, however, they suit those who value comfort and warmth, whether partaking in country pursuits or for general day-to-day wear.

Waxed cotton jackets will wear down over time. Having effectively ‘moulded’ to the wearer, waxed cotton will lose its water repellency through use. You will start to see creases in the fabric – this is where the wax has ‘rubbed off’ – causing jackets to look slightly different in colour to when new.

This is not a reason to throw the garment away and purchase another! Nikwax has the answer to keep the prized waxed jacket in prime condition, ready to be worn time and again when enjoying the outdoors.

Wax Cotton Proof is easy-to-use and completely safe for waxed cotton fabric.

So, what does it do?
Wax Cotton Proof rejuvenates and replenishes the water repellent coating – vital for keeping dry in the jacket in wet weather.

It revives tired, worn out waxed cotton fabric, so garments will last for years to come.

Performance is optimised, with the fabric no longer ‘wetting out’ and making the wearer damp, chilly or uncomfortable.

Wax Cotton Proof helps extend the jacket’s life, so you can enjoy wearing it for longer!

How do you use Wax Cotton Proof?
Firstly, give the garment a clean! If the care label allows, then clean the outside using Tech Wash® with a damp sponge. Otherwise, rinse the item under cold running water and use a cloth to remove all dirt from the surface.

Lay the jacket, fastened, flat on to a protected working surface.

Spray Wax Cotton Proof all over the outer fabric, rubbing with a damp cloth to spread it evenly into the fibres.

Check that no areas have been missed and then hang the garment up to air dry.

Rub away any drips / touch up any areas that may have been missed.

Once dry, the garment is ready to use – whether that is for everyday living, countryside pursuits, or outdoor activities where you want to remain dry, warm and comfortable.