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Tents can last double their effective lifetime with Nikwax®

Camping is still on the increase as a prime holiday choice both here and abroad, with thousands of campsites across a huge range of locations to choose from. There are also hundreds of tents available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, from the simple pop-up one person tent, to the deluxe family versions!

As the weather warms up, people will start to think about unpacking and dusting off their tents, ready for this year’s outdoor adventures. However, many don’t know how best to care for their home from home, which can lead to many tents being thrown away before the end of their useable lifetime. With just a few tips on Nikwax tent aftercare passed their way, consumers can embark on their spring and summer trips safe in the knowledge that their trusty tent will not only keep them warm and dry, but can last them longer than its effective lifetime.

Our Top Tips on Synthetic Tent Aftercare

• Tent & Gear SolarWash® is a high performance cleaner for all synthetic tents.
• Dirt and contaminants that compromise a tent’s Durable Water Repellency (DWR) are efficiently removed, so the DWR is revived.
• The technical, safe, water-based formula will increase the fabric’s resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light by 50% (UV light is damaging to the tear strength of synthetic fabric, weakening it. Just two weeks of continuous exposure to UV light, can weaken it by half!).
• Easy-to-use by hand as a spray-on, Tent & Gear SolarWash can be used up to three times to clean and revitalise the DWR of a tent before re-proofing is required.

• Over time and through use, the DWR on synthetic tents wears off and needs to be replenished.
Tent & Gear SolarProof® provides an effective water repellent finish to ensure tents maintain their performance, keeping people warm and dry when camping in inclement weather.
• We recommend using Tent & Gear SolarProof from when the tent is new, but older tents will also benefit from its high performance protection – especially when used with Tent & Gear SolarWash.
• Applied easily by hand, it can be used on wet or dry synthetic fabrics (so consumers don’t have to wait for their tent to dry after cleaning before they re-proof!).
• Used with Tent & Gear SolarWash, this tent aftercare duo will ultimately save money, by doubling the useful lifetime of synthetic gear.
• Tent & Gear SolarProof can also be applied to synthetic rucksacks and bike panniers.

Our Top Tips on Cotton/Canvas Tent Aftercare

• Cotton/canvas, although very strong and hardwearing (making it an ideal material for tents) is highly susceptible to water absorption, which causes an increase in weight and takes a long time to dry out. No good if out camping and someone gets caught in their tent in a downpour!
• Dirt can mask any DWR already applied to a cotton/canvas tent, so it is best to clean away dirt using Tech Wash®. This can be applied in a washing machine or by hand (following the care label).
• Tech Wash will remove all dirt and revitalise any existing DWR.

• Not all cotton/canvas tents will have existing DWR, therefore, to prevent them from absorbing water, use Cotton Proof.
• Some waterproofing aftercare products are designed for multiple fabric types, i.e. they are not cotton-specific. Cotton Proof is designed for use on cotton, polycotton and canvas.
• Easily applied by hand, Cotton Proof should be diluted before being applied to tents (add 1 part product to 9 parts water and mix well).
• Cotton Proof can be applied to wet or dry fabric using a brush or sponge – all areas should be covered.
• A flexible water repellent treatment is left on the individual fibres and will develop upon air drying.
• Moisture vapour can pass through the fabric, maintaining breathability of the cotton/canvas, and optimising its performance in wet weather. The user can enjoy their tent to the full – staying warm, safe and dry!

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