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The best walking apps to download now…

Did you know that just thirty minutes of walking a day can improve fitness and cardiac health, strengthen bones and alleviate depression and fatigue? With more people than ever now walking to keep active, walking apps are gaining in popularity as we look to plan new routes, track our distances and log our stats.

Here are the Nikwax Top 10 to try – they are all free and available to download on the app store now:

  1. NHS Active 10 Walking Tracker
    A simple app that records every minute of walking you do. Just pop your phone in your pocket and away you go! The app tracks your steps, helps you set goals, shows your achievements and shares tips to boost your activity. More


  1. Fitbit MobileTrack (No Fitbit Required)
    Uses your phone’s sensors to track basic activity including steps, distance and calories burned. Other features include setting fitness goals and adding friends for a bit of healthy competition. More

  1. MapMyWalk
    A great app that gives you a range of walking activities to choose from,  encouraging you to get out and about, and instilling healthy habits. Tap in your height and weight details and it’ll count your steps and calories burned as you walk. There are also routes, work outs and nutrition advice. More


  1. Walkmeter Walking & Hiking
    A particularly advanced app that turns your phone in to a powerful fitness computer tracking over 250 statistics (far too many to list here!). Bursting with maps, graphs, laps and training plans, the wealth of data this records will have you walking like a pro in no time. More

  1. Footpath Route Planner
    Simply trace a route with your finger and this app will display all trails and roads allowing you to complete your walk. It can measure the distance you’ll need to travel and the height you’ll be climbing. It also allows you to save and share routes for a later walk, and can work offline too. More


  1. Go Jauntly
    If you’re often Google searching for ‘walks near me’, this is most definitely the app for you. Developed by nature-loving city dwellers, you can find the greenest route from A to B, or simply enjoy a nature-filled circular jaunt from your front door. More


  1. World Walking
    Developed by a cardiac rehabilitation instructor, this constant-pedometer app is your virtual ticket to some of the greatest places on Earth. Users pick legendary global routes, such as Peru’s Machu Pichu Inca Trail, America’s Route 66 and Canada: East to West, and try to take enough steps to complete it! More

  1. Google Fit
    Google Fit has collaborated with the World Health Organization to give you a Heart Point for each minute of walking (or other moderately intense activity) you do and you’ll be awarded double points as you pick up the pace. Customised coaching and actionable tips are sure to keep you on your toes. More


  1. Charity Miles
    If fitness isn’t enough of a motivator to get you on your feet, maybe raising money for a good cause will do the trick. With Charity Miles, every mile you walk is tracked by the app and puts money in the bank for a charity of your choosing. There are 40 different non-profits to choose from so you’re bound to find one you want to support. More


  1. Pacer
    If you’re looking for group support and motivation, Pacer has lots of walking groups to join and challenges to participate in. It uses sensors in your phone as well as your phone’s GPS to track walking, running, hiking, and cycling. More

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