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THE NIKWAX PHILOSOPHY – More Than Waterproofing. Part 2 – Carbon Balanced with World Land Trust

At Nikwax we have always firmly believed that we should care for the environment in any way that we can and be committed to low impact – both in terms of the products we make and also with our environmental footprint.

This logo represents the Nikwax approach to reducing its carbon impact.

It is a constant focus for Nikwax to always look to reduce our contribution to climate change; doing whatever we possibly can in order to make a difference to something that seriously threatens both ecosystems and people across the world.

We believe in positive action to try to make a change to minimise our footprint. For example, we have chosen renewable energy within the business wherever possible – use of solar panels, as well as collecting rain water which is used within our production lines. Changing our approach to waste is another method and by changing our waste carrier we have now ensured that 0% of our waste goes to landfill.

One of the key ways in which we are addressing our carbon footprint, and subsequently looking to protect vital ecosystems, is through our connection with World Land Trust. Every year, since 2007, we calculate all our direct and part of our indirect carbon emissions and offset them in collaboration with the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme.

These Carbon Balanced projects offset greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the regeneration and protection of carbon-rich ecosystems in the tropics where the sites are designed to robust standards which are measurable, verifiable and carefully monitored in order to conserve the natural world from the damage which has been inflicted upon it. Our work with the World Land Trust is part of our balanced approach to our emissions by following a three-step process to measure and reduce, before offsetting residual emissions.

To see how you could offset carbon emissions and help the World Land Trust, just click here

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