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Visor Proof and Ski Skin Proof Top Facts!

Have you heard about our Nikwax® products Visor Proof and Ski Skin Proof? No? Well, read on to learn all about them… Effective aftercare that will benefit motorcyclists and skiers, here is some info on two products developed to specifically help with some key pieces of outdoor kit.

Visor Proof

A highly effective spray-on water repellent that casts off rain from motorcycle visors and ski goggles.

The benefit to the user is enhanced vision – perfect if biking along a busy road in wet conditions where focus needs to be even sharper than normal. Motorcycle helmets are obviously one of the most important pieces of kit in order to keep riders safer on the road, so a product that can increase what they visibly see in inclement weather is a must-have!

The same applies to skiers. If snow or water gets onto the goggles, the droplets will impair vision and when flying down a mountain slope at speed, the user needs to clearly see the route ahead.

Without Visor Proof, rain can severely hamper vision and the inability to see clearly is a hazard.

Visor Proof is water-based and super easy to use!

  • Remove all surface dirt with mild soap and then rinse thoroughly.
  • Shake Visor Proof well before use.
  • At a distance of 15cm/6inches, apply 2 squirts of Visor Proof to the outside of the visor or goggles.
  • Wipe with a clean cloth in smooth strokes.
  • Rub vigorously from side to side in even strokes to ensure the product has spread across the visor or goggles.

Ski Skin Proof

A sponge-on waterproofer that repels water, prevents saturation, reduces kick and improves glide of all ski skins.

The point of the ski skin is to help ascend the slopes, without sliding straight back down them! There is a chance in thick snow conditions that ice crystals and lumps of snow form on/under the ski skin, which would affect the glue that keeps the skin attached to the ski, plus reduces the glide.

Ski Skin Proof will prevent ice build-up in the fibres of ski skins and will prolong their useable lifetime of ski skins. Plus, the product is quick and easy to use….. Let your customers know how!

  • Shake the bottle well before use, then press the sponge applicator to break the seal.
  • Apply to wet or dry ski skins whilst attached to the skis.
  • Starting at the front of the ski skin, work the product into the fibres.
  • Cover the entire ski skin and then allow to dry at room temperature.
  • Be sure to keep the adhesive side of the ski skin away from the product if treating them before gluing to the ski!


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