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Nikwax has been chosen by global brands, outdoor professionals and adventurers since 1977. From the frozen wastes of Antarctica and the Arctic to the highest mountains in the world, on all continents, Nikwax clothing systems and care products keep people warm, dry and comfortable.

Chosen by global brands


When we heard about the hydrophobic down increased shake time of 10,000 minutes it felt like the natural way to go. And for us to work with a company that is also driven by sustainability, it feels like the perfect match.


Salomon are proud to build products using the finest materials and so recommend regular product care and protection. To prevent natural aging of leather, Salomon recommends treating all leather products with a cream or water-based wax treatment such as Nikwax. Carl, one of our outdoor ambassadors’ praises Nikwax as he hasn’t been let down by the products and likes that they come in larger sized bottles to save stocking up. Carl really knows how to put his equipment to the test and is glad he uses Nikwax to protect his favourite items.

La Sportiva

With the Hydrophobic Down water-resistant treatment in our sleeping bag range, Therm-a-Rest’s customers know they are buying into long lasting quality and performance. Our long-term partnership with Nikwax is vital to the brand and what we stand for.


Experiencing the great outdoors has never been about staying clean. It’s about immersing yourself in nature – no matter the weather or terrain. Our packs are designed to follow you on these journeys but it’s the help of technical partners like Nikwax that ensures adventurers keep on adventuring. From waterproofing to scrubbing away the trail after a long hike, Nikwax has always been our recommendation.


At Merrell we choose to work with Nikwax as the global #1 outdoor footwear brand wants to work with the number one in footwear aftercare. Caring for our shoes ensures they will continue to perform as well as they did fresh out the box. Plus, Nikwax’s environmental approach, carbon offset and fully recyclable packaging is something the whole industry can aspire to!


KEEN is a leader in the footwear industry having moved several seasons ago to choosing safe, effective PFC-free Durable Water Repellent alternatives to repel water and dirt from the uppers of our shoes and sandals. Waterproofing is not necessary at first, however after some wear, we recommend treating your shoes with a silicone-based, environmentally safe waterproofing spray like Nikwax in order to keep the boot protected and stain-free. KEEN, like Nikwax, take responsibility for the sustainability of our products very seriously, sharing a brand synergy to ensure outdoor products are consciously created to minimise impact on the environment and can be renewed and long lasting.


Buffalo Systems has been producing performance outdoor apparel for adventures the world over for 40 years. We have confidence in recommending the Nikwax range to our customers as the quality of the products is exceptional, as is the ethics of the company and its vision for the future.


NOMAD is taking another step forward in the process of creating innovative and sustainable products by working with Nikwax Hydrophobic Down+.


At Anatom we see waterproofness, breathability and aftercare as a concentric circle. Without aftercare, waterproofness and breathability suffer greatly. We have worked with Nikwax from day one. They are a company which shares the same values as we do in terms of the environment and our impact on it. We also appreciate the fact Nikwax is water-based which makes it very easy to use. The footwear cleaning, conditioning and proofing are the best in the world and that is why we promote Nikwax to all our new customers and established users.

Chosen by outdoor professionals and adventurers

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

“Nikwax is incredibly proud to be associated with this charity. To be a part of something whose ethos is to encourage young people into the great outdoors and introduce them to its challenges and opportunities whilst developing outdoor skills, is to be admired. We are particularly pleased to know that Nikwax is helping thousands of young people to keep themselves and their kit comfortable and protected each year on their DofE expeditions, no matter what the weather throws at them” Nick Brown, Founder of Nikwax

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Martin Hartley, Arctic Explorer and Photographer

“I have been using Nikwax ever since I first set out in the hills. I can remember putting old newspaper onto the kitchen table then opening a tin of Nikwax and putting it onto my boots, all in anticipation and excitement, preparation for an adventure to the Yorkshire Dales, or the Lake District or my very own boggy back yard the fells of East Lancashire… that was when I started my adventure journey over 40 years ago and still to this day I use Nikwax treatments for all my clothes and boots.”

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Jenny Tough, Adventure Traveller and Endurance Racer

“I rely on Nikwax products to keep my outdoor gear in action. Outdoor kit, like good tents, jackets, sleeping bags, etc, are real investments, and we all also want to consume less. By taking good care of my stuff with Nikwax, I can make my outdoor kit survive the years of hard use I put it all through.”

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Andrew Price, ITV’s Coast & Country Presenter, and Gear Editor for Bushcraft and Survival

“Nikwax make waterproofing treatments for just about everything and I’ve been using their products to waterproof my gear for as long as I can remember. There’s definitely something satisfying about watching rainwear beading off a freshly proofed coat or favourite pair of boots.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Fredrika Ek En Gb

Fredrika Ek, Adventure Biker, and former European Adventurer of the Year

“For those of us who genuinely want to collect memories in the great outdoors, rather than pieces of shiny new gear. Thank you Nikwax for giving new life to the tent, sleeping bag and apparel I already trust and love. Last year. This one. And next year again.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Paul Lewis En Gb

Paul Lewis, Peak Mountaineering Instructor

“As a mountaineering instructor I work around the world in all weathers and all seasons. Looking after my clothing and footwear is essential both for performance and to extend the life of my equipment. The broad range of Nikwax products available will deal with cleaning and proofing everything from hard shells to base layers and from boots to tents. I am also passionate about protecting the natural environment and really value Nikwax’s industry leading sustainability credentials. I would choose no other brand.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Nic Hardy En Gb

Nic Hardy, Adventurer

“After six months adventuring in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands, my kit had taken a real battering from the weather. After over 2,000km of intensive hiking, with over 150,000 metres of ascent, I wouldn’t have been surprised if much of my kit was no longer salvageable. I used Nikwax to clean and re-proof my boots and apparel before and after my adventure, and it’s meant that I haven’t had to retire a single item. Nikwax helps to extend the life of my favourite outdoor kit, whilst also being non-toxic to the environment.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Nick Baker En Gb

Nick Baker, Naturalist and TV Presenter

“I’ve been using Nikwax on my boots since I got my first walking boots back in the 1980’s. I bought it from a little outdoor shop in Forest Row, along with my Daisy Roots. I’ve come a long way since then… literally! And I still use the wax plus a range of other Nikwax re-proofing products that clean, restore and reproof everything from boots to shells and down jackets and sleeping bags. It’s brilliant stuff!”

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Elisabeth Pahl, Freeride Champion

“My life and work are associated with extreme weather conditions and so it is especially important that Nikwax protects my clothes, and my clothes protect me. Nikwax is convenient to use and penetrates deep into fabrics so that my jackets and trousers keep their waterproof and breathable properties for longer. I live and work on Elbrus, Europe’s highest peak, a dormant volcano, and wear GORE-TEX clothing in all seasons. In addition to bad weather with snow and rain, we also have strong winds that carry small particles of volcanic dust with sand. This clogs the pores of my membrane, and it loses its working qualities. Nikwax creates not only a water-repellent layer, but also helps to protect my garments from dirt.”

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Markus Stitz, Adventurer and ‘Circumnavigating The World On Bike’ World Record Holder

“Nikwax is a brand that has sustainability at the heart of its operations and products, which is the most important for me. Living in Scotland and spending a lot of time outside developing bikepacking routes, filming and writing, I have used their products multiple times to take care of my outdoor gear, and have been impressed with the results.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Varvara Shikanova En Gb

Varvara Shikanova, Skyrunning Champion

“I was born in Siberia, so I know what is cold. Down is the best insulation, and it’s lightweight. I run often when temperature is below zero. I’m an athlete, so I need frequent and quality care of my outfits. It seems that down clothes require high maintenance. But I use Nikwax Down Wash, so I don’t think how to maintain functional properties of the apparel. Down garments can be washed in a washing machine. Nikwax Down Wash protects waterproof coating of the fabric and doesn’t let down fibers stick together. After washing with Nikwax Down Wash the clothes look like new, and down provides the same warmth. It’s a find for me! I always prefer walk or run outdoors to indoor training in winter. Trees and ground are covered by sparkling snow. I don’t want to miss such beauty! That’s why I choose high performance Red Fox outfits and Nikwax products.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Dave Cornthwaite En Gb

Dave Cornthwaite, Adventurer

“I’ve been putting gear through its paces for a good while and, like our bodies, regular maintenance, care and love for boots, tents, hammock tarps and jackets keeps them going for much longer. If you value keeping old gear over buying new, ensuring your lifestyle is sustainable and your footprint low, there’s not another brand that can compete with Nikwax.”

Outdoor Proffessionals Josh And Sarah En Gb

Josh and Sarah, Ethical Adventurers

“Nikwax has always been an integral part of our gear TLC, helping give equipment a longer life and making our outdoor passions all the more sustainable.”

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Thjimen Apswoude, Bushcraft Expert

“Nature has everything to offer we need as human beings and we teach you to see what to use and when to use it in a responsible way. We choose to work with Nikwax because it protects us and the environment. It gives my products a second life.”