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Stay fresher for longer

Nikwax sweatproofing improves the performance of your next-to-skin clothing, by eliminating odours and making fabrics dry faster, so you stay fresher for longer. Sweatproofing products keep you cooler in warm conditions, warmer in cold conditions and smelling better whatever the weather.

How to use Nikwax

Learn how to clean, waterproof and condition all your outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment.

Watch our collection of ‘how-to’ videos which show how you can easily keep your gear performing better for longer. Nikwax products keep you warm, dry and comfortable – and save you money!

Improve the performance of your baselayers with Nikwax BaseFresh®

Clean and deodorise trainers, sandals, climbing shoes, running shoes and more with Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash.

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Our Product Areas

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Care products that extend the life and enhance the performance of waterproof outdoor gear.

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Care products that enhance the performance of next-to-skin sports clothing and speeding up fabric drying.

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Directional Textiles

Designed to manage moisture in outdoor clothing more effectively, keeping you warmer and drier.

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Eco Materials

Specialist natural materials prepared using a Nikwax environmentally sustainable process.